Jul 23, 2015

Zombie Kickstarter Board Game from the “Deus Ex” Makers

NecroVirus, a 3D printable Kickstarter board game seeks $100.000. It’s made by the guys who brought you Deus Ex and Daikatana. The setting of the game? The Zombie apocalypse, of course.

NecroVirus is a new “Zombie Apocalypse” themed Kickstarter board game. It can be fully customized with 2D and 3D printing technologies. It’s seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter to make it to the market.

Created by Todd Porter, the former CEO of legendary game studio Ion Storm (which included the like of John Romero and Alan Spector and developed games such as Deus Ex), the project is intended to let users fully customize their gaming experience using 2D and 3D printing technologies.

“3D Printers are a technology looking for a market and tabletop gamers represent an enormous opportunity”, sais Porter. “If you go to any gaming convention you will see hundreds of our gaming brethren who, like us, have spent thousands of dollars on their heroes, villains, monsters, terrain, and layouts. Now imagine a game that unlocks endless customization and collectibles by providing the tools and community to self-produce all of their content on a 3D printer in their own home – it’s going to be fantastic!”

NecroVirus is the first project using BoardCraft technology. This tech was developed by the team at Advanced Imagination that brings tabletop game creation to the masses. The team that created BoardCraft comprises several experience game and videogame developers who now want to add a new dimension to board gaming.

The base game comes with full color 2D building tiles and counters, along with 3D road tiles and figurines. There are several upgrades available for those looking for a full 3D premium experience which can be 3D printed using any FDM, SLA, DLP and SLS technology. The support packages start at as little as $25. With $2,500 you can get every upgrade 3D printed in full color.

Along with NecroVirus, the company is developing several other immersive, role and move games with their own board game environments. These are all designed to play on several simultaneous game mechanics for maximum entertainment in gameplay and game design.

Games Workshop beware, this certainly looks like a disruptive approach to board games.

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