Dec 12, 2016

Make the Westworld Maze with a 3D Printer

Want to play with a Westworld Maze of your very own? 3D print a key artifact from the hit TV show, and check out some examples fans have already made. 

Relax folks, you are entering spoiler-free territory for “Westworld”. You can be totally confident because we haven’t seen a single episode of the new TV show from HBO. We’re scheduling a binge session after the box set is released.

But it hasn’t escaped our attention that 3D printing plays a big part of the technological framework in the show. This is most prominent in the way synthetic humans are manufactured to populate this deadly garden of delights. Plus behind the scenes, where 3D printing contributes to the production of costumes and props.

There’s also a recurring motif throughout the show that lends itself perfectly to 3D printing — the Westworld Maze. Characters are seen handling it, or looking at it, or it’s lurking somewhere in the background. If we were literary scholars, we’d hazard a guess it was a metaphor or analogy for something or other.

Hey! Would you like to 3D print a Westworld Maze of your very own? Sure you would! Maker Dano Wall has generously uploaded an accurate replica to Thingiverse.

3D Printed Westworld Maze is Easy to Make

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Wall has his own interpretation as to the symbolism of the artefact.”This is a model of Westworld’s ‘The Maze’ which, in the show, represents a metaphorical journey inward towards consciousness,” he says, “but is also glimpsed in varying physical forms throughout the show.”

According to the production notes, this Westworld Maze was modeled in Rhino CAD software. The specific reference is a toy that shows up in the first season’s finale, which the characters interact with. It was printed with Proto-pasta magnetic iron PLA.

Thanks to the simplicity of the design, fans have been busy fabricating their own mazes and uploading the results to Thingiverse, Instagram, and elsewhere.

Do you want to join in the fun but don’t have access to a 3D printer? Then you can also order this same model from 3D printing service Shapeways in a variety of finishes and materials. Proceeds of every sale go direct to the designer, so you’ll be wishing Wall a very happy Christmas indeed.

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