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Featured image of Heated DIY Filament Dry Box – $20 DIY Project

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Heated DIY Filament Dry Box – $20 DIY Project

Tyler Koslow
Updated Aug 11, 2019

Want to keep your filament in tip-top shape? Engineer and 3D printing enthusiast RichRap shows us how to create DIY Heated dry box for 3D printing filament for under $20.  

No matter how finely tuned your 3D printer is, the quality of your prints are highly dependent on the state of the filament you’re feeding through the extruder. Some 3D printing materials are highly susceptible to moisture in the air, which can result in poor quality prints. Before printing, these spoiled filaments need to be kept in an airtight container with desiccant and dried out in the oven.

For your perusal, here’s the what’s and the how’s for creating your very own DIY heated dry box as created by engineer and renowned 3D printing enthusiast RichRap. Not only does this contraption keep your filament properly stored, it also has the capacity to actively heat the material while printing. More importantly, the entire project shouldn’t cost you more than $20 – $30, depending on where you source your materials.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what you’ll need to build a DIY heated dry box.