Jun 8, 2018

WASP Donates 3D Printing Laboratory for Prosthetics to Syrian University

WASP, the Italian 3D printer manufacturer, is donating and setting up a laboratory for 3D printing artificial limbs at the University of Damascus, Syria. Engineering graduate students will then print prosthetics for those in need. 

WASP, the Italian 3D printer manufacturer was founded in 2012. You may know the company for its Delta printer which is the largest in the world. They’ve since worked on a variety of projects, such as their Hub Network, stage dressing for an opera, and also 3D printed shelters and homes.

However, they’re now donating and setting up a laboratory at the University of Damascus and have provided training in Italy. WASP is predominantly providing tools for manufacturing orthopedic aid. The idea is that this laboratory will be used to 3D print artificial limbs for those who lost theirs in the Syrian conflict.

Jean Bassmaji, a Syrian doctor, and Massimo Moretti, founder and CEO of WASP, came up with the idea of implementing a WASP laboratory into the university.

The Damascus at the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering of the Syrian University approved the project in December. The first installments will be two WASP 2040 Turbo2 3D printers which can build arms, legs, fingers prosthetics at an accelerated speed.

An Initiative Undertaken by Multiple Companies

Other companies involved in this project are ARCHE 3D Mantova, the 3D printing and modeling startup. Also, the association AMAR Costruire Solidarietà, which is helping to raise funds. The association will also be organizing the delicate procedure of transporting the 3D printers to Syria.

Professor Firas Al Hinnawi, a professor at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the University of Damascus, undertook a technical training course at the WASP headquarters. As a result, he can now transmit his knowledge of how the Italian machines work to graduates of the engineering course.

After the laboratory is completely set-up, the faculty will be printing prosthetics. The university will then distribute them free of charge to those in need. WASP adds that there will be no discrimination of any kind and no matter age, gender, religion or ethnicity.

“With the University of Damascus, WASP and AMAR,” Firas Al Hinnawi explained, “we are working on three areas. We’ll start from the artificial fingers on which we have already done a lot of work. Then we will pass to the hands and the forearm. Finally, we will focus on the lower limbs.”

Source: Press Release

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