Mar 15, 2018

Ultimaker Integrates HP Scanning Software into Cura Slicing Software

Ultimaker has announced it will integrate HP scanning software into Ultimaker Cura, optimizing the workflow between 3D scanning and 3D printing. 

3D printing slicing software can be seen as the bridge that connects 3D models to a 3D printer. This is where you’ll situate the design, input printer and material settings, and prepares the directions that your 3D printer will follow. Among the most popular options for slicer software is the one and only Ultimaker Cura.

Although Ultimaker has its own line of desktop 3D printers, the latest being the Ultimaker 3, the open source-driven company has developed a slicer for the entire 3D printing community.

Now, Ultimaker has announced that it will integrate HP scanning software into Ultimaker Cura. The move aims to simplify the workflow between 3D printing and scans from HP’s Sprout and 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3.

The 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3, which was known as the DAVID SLS-3 before being rebranded, uses structured light scanning technology to capture precise  3D models. The Sprout is an innovative device built with a PC, projector, hi-res cameras, Touch Mat and 2D and 3D capture capabilities. It allows users to capture objects in 2D and 3D and edit them in real-time.

Sprout by HP

HP is one of the largest companies currently invested in industrial 3D printing and 3D scanning technology. Back in 2016, the global tech company unveiled its highly anticipated Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing systems, an additive manufacturing technology that is capable of fabricating parts at the level of an individual voxel.

The latest integration with Ultimaker Cura showcases HP’s intention to cover all of the bases in the widespread market.

“This integration is filling a growing need in the market by embedding 3D printing capabilities into professional workflows. This enables customers to consider combining scanning and desktop 3D printing to replace obsolete parts, adding value in professional and education environments,” said Frans Rintjema, Managing Director Immersive Computing at HP.

HP Scanning Software Joins Ranks of Ultimaker Cura’s 3D Apps

The HP scanning software is the latest 3D application to be integrated into Ultimaker Cura. The slicing software has already implemented Siemens NX and SolidWorks, ensuring that the workflow between CAD and PLM systems run smoothly.

With the new HP 3D application, Ultimaker Cura users will be able to seamlessly transform 3D scans into 3D printable models. In addition to the slicer integration, HP is also working with software vendors to develop end-to-end production solutions for 3D printed parts.

“By allowing other parties, such as HP, to integrate Ultimaker Cura in their workflow unlocks a whole range of new possibilities for consumers and professionals to fully make use of 3D printing technology. The integration with HP’s market-leading 3D scanning software really contributes to the adoption of professional desktop 3D printing. We’re very proud to collaborate with HP to offer this for our customers,” said Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President Product Management at Ultimaker.

While HP has primarily been active in the industrial manufacturing scene, the latest partnership with Ultimaker hints at a slight expansion towards pro-sumers. Meanwhile, by optimizing the workflow between 3D scanning and 3D printing, Cura continues to prove why it’s one of the most sought-after slicers on the market.

Source: Ultimaker

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