Mar 15, 2015

The Week on All3DP

There are so many interesting stories on All3DP. Just: Where to start reading?

To help you decide what to read first, we selected our favorite articles published on All3DP during the week. This week we feature a review of the Makerbot Replicator Mini as well as an analysis for everyone interested in investing in 3D printing stocks. Plus reviews of 3 Autodesk tools and an article on Autodesk’s Spark ecosystem.

So: These are our picks of the week.

 Must-read product review: Makerbot Replicator Mini

The Makerbot Replicator Mini – perfect for the desktop (source: Makerbot)

MakerBot’s Replicator Mini is the most affordable of the 5th generation Makerbot models. It was designed as a intuitive plug&play 3D printer. After the first issues (with the new “smart extruder”) have been solved, the Replicator Mini lives up to its promises.

Priced at 1,599 Euro, the MakerBot Replicator Mini is not exactly low-cost, considering that for the same price it is possible to buy considerably larger, faster and more accurate 3D printers. Mechanical experts and makers could build an equivalent RepRap 3D printer for about a third of that, with some models already available on the market as DIY kits and even pre-assembled machines for around 600 Euro. They may even have more features such as SD card based 3D printing (which the Mini does not offer) but they would not be the same thing. MakerBot can guarantee support, service, constant software updates and regular improvements: you are not just buying a 3D printer but a complete desktop solution for your basic 3D printing needs. Whether the price is right or not depends upon how valuable your time is.

Must-read story: Investing in 3D printing

For most small investors, 3D printing stocks are a long-term investment. Here are the companies that will drive the new social revolution.

3D printing stocks have dropped as much as 50% from the highs of early 2014 (source: Google Finance)

Thing of the week: Keybit Magsafe adapter

Keybit Magsafe adapter (source: Shapeways)

Apple’s Magsafe to Magsafe2 Converter is an indispensable adapter for many Apple users: It allows them to charge their Macbook Pro/Air through the Magsafe connector on their Cinema or Thunderbold Display. But the adapter is pretty small so it is easily misplaced or lost. Bitwise Design now sells their 3D-printed Keybit, a keychain holder for the Magsafe adapter. So, unless you lose your keys, you always have the adapter with you.

The best of the rest

  1. Autodesk Spark is a complete ecosystem where 3D software, imaging and printing companies can work together.

  2. This week we reviewed three tools from Autodesk’s 123D suite: 123D Catch generates 3D models from a series of photographs; 123D Make let’s you create 3D objects by assembling parts from cardboard; 123D Circuits is a circuit development and simulation tool.

  3. A Syrian farmer who lost his lower jaw during the civil war, received a 3D-printed Titanium jaw – in an Israeli hospital in.

  4. And do not miss out on part 3 of our series “How to invest in 3D companies”.

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