Dec 19, 2016

This Stunning 3D Printed Zelda Map Was Made in Minecraft

A 3D printed Zelda map? That’s quite an unusual thing even by retro gamer standards. That it was made with Minecraft gives it an even cooler touch. 

Once upon a time, in 1986, most video games didn’t have an automap feature. In these dark ages, kids took pen and pencil and started scribbling their own maps, which couldn’t be publicly shared, as the internet wasn’t invented (yes, these were dark ages). Some day, Japanese programmers had mercy on gamers. In example, one of the most beloved classic video games, “The Legend of Zelda” for NES, was one of the first role-playing games to introduce a rudimentary map feature. When you pressed “Select”, you got an overview of what you’d discovered so far.

There’s always someone who takes a good idea to the next level. According to Mike Matei, best known for his popular “James & Mike” YouTube channel, an anonymous user took map making seriously. He designed a 3D Printed Zelda Map. It shows the whole Hyrule overworld. The 9 dungeon maps aren’t included – yet.

3D Printed Zelda Map was Designed in Minecraft

The creator spent six months building the map – in Minecraft! This totally makes sense, as the 8-bit graphics are really perfect for recreating the blocky graphics style of the NES console. He then used the model to create a file for a 3D printer. 24 hours of printing and six hours of painting later, the incredibly detailed piece was finished.

If you’re already drooling over the images of this 3D printed Zelda map, you’re too late. It was sold for $100 to Willard McFarland, who was sharing the above picture on Twitter.

Here are some call-outs of the lovely details. Just look at the incredible details:

Or take the graveyard, for example. Here you’ll find your Master Sword, but the Ghinis are tough opponents.

Let’s hope the unknown creator has a heart for gamers and releases the 3D files, so everyone can 3D print this Zelda map. And remember: IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE!

(Source: Retro Gaming Mag. Images: Photos by @dubbya1986)

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