Nov 6, 2017

Shapeways Founder Launches Service That Allows You to 3D Scan and Print Yourself

The new startup Beheld, founded by former Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen and Kat Kinkead, allows people to 3D scan and print themselves. 

When Peter Weijmarshausen co-founded Shapeways back in 2007, he helped build what is now one of the world’s premier 3D printing service bureaus.  After recently stepping down from the CEO position to search for a new venture, he and 3D printing expert Kat Kinkead both realized the potential in 3D scanning and printing figurines.

And so, together, the pair has launched Beheld, a startup that allows you to 3D scan, send, and 3D print yourself with ease. The full-body scanner takes multiple photos at 360 degrees, and then stitches it all together into a 3D model. From there, customers can either send their 3D scan to friends or pay to order a full-color 3D print of themselves.

At the helm of the company is Kinkead, who has an MFA in industrial design and has helped orchestrate 3D printing procedures for the likes of Michael Kors. Since officially founding Beheld at the start of the year, they have been using angel funding to get the startup off the ground.

Beheld: Transforming 3D Scanning From a Complex Technology to an “Experience” For All

The idea behind Beheld is to setup full-body 3D scanning kiosks in high-traffic places like malls. Users will simply strike a pose and voilà, the 3D scanner will take multiple photos and generate a high quality 3D model that can be sent to friends or printed. The service will be free to try, and users will have the option to pay around $40 for a full-color 3D printed version of the scan.

“What separates us from others in the industry is: We are making 3D scanning an experience. We’re taking the components which already exist, and neatly tying them together to create a truly fun and memorable experience for consumers while simultaneously creating a turnkey experience for businesses. We’re placing scanners in an environment that makes them accessible to everyone,” said Kinkead.

The Beheld team is also integrating popular perks from apps like Snapchat into the 3D scanning experience. Customers will be able to impose special effects into their 3D models, allowing you to emerge from fireworks and clouds of smoke. Dubbed on their website as “The Photo Booth of the Future,” the primary aim seems to be reformatting 3D scanning and printing technology into a digestible and exciting product for the everyday consumer.

Beheld is planning to roll out the 3D scanning kiosks across America and Europe in the near future, so stay tuned!

Source: TechCrunch 

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