Jan 10, 2018

ParaMatters Releases CogniCAD, a Cognitive Design Platform at CES 2018

ParaMatters premiered CogniCAD at CES 2018. It’s a cloud-based, cognitive design platform which is currently pay-per-design. The platform is available to use immediately. 

ParaMatters has announced the release of CogniCAD, a cloud-based, cognitive design platform. This platform is able to automatically generate 3D printed structures for both high-performance and lightweight designs.

This is perfect for applications such as those within the aerospace and automotive industries. The technology will be available from the company’s website and is currently a pay per design, cloud-based service.

ParaMatters considers itself a leader in autonomous topology optimization. Co-founder and CTO, Michael Bogomolny, explains: “We are thrilled to launch CogniCAD, the ultimate generative design and lightweighting tool that the entire industry has been waiting for. The technology represents the convergence of advanced topology optimization techniques, computational geometry, infinite computing power in the cloud, and artificial intelligence.”

As well as this, ParaMatters explains that they’re also working on algorithms to improve 3D printing capabilities and the overall digital thread. This work involves a generative design platform.

The platform is also cloud-based and, when specified by designers, will automatically compile lightweight and metamaterial lattice structures. The algorithm will factor in cost, size, weight, materials, strength, and style.

Get Hands-on with CogniCAD

ParaMatters is making the CogniCAD technology available immediately. To begin, it’s as simple as heading to their website. The way the technology works is to import CAD files into the platform.

Then, you can choose load and design criteria. Finally, it takes just a few minutes to receive the CAD model and analysis. Simply approve your design and you’re ready to 3D print.

Every generated design from ParaMatters can be directly made using 3D printing. Although they are currently charging per design, ParaMatters add that they’re exploring complimentary strategic partnerships and subscription or enterprise based models, too.

“We are transforming the entire design-to-manufacturing process by making it autonomous and automated to generate high-quality, optimized lightweighted designs… Our proprietary generative engine automatically delivers high performance and quality designs with minimal user input. As a result, the entire design cycle is compressed from days to hours and raises the quality of generative designs compared to what can be achieved manually,” Bogomolny continues.

Another release from the company is the fact that they’re joining up with Techniplas, the automotive products and services manufacturing provider. ParaMatters will be working on the company’s open innovation program. This will develop partnerships and hopefully create opportunities in the 3D printing industry.

CogniCAD is also on display for you to experience exactly what the technology can do at Techniplas booth #9100 in the Las Vegas Convention Center between January 9-12, 2018.

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