Jul 21, 2015

3D Printed Batman Figurines From Launzer

Launzer announced their new 3D printed Batman Begins series of figurines. They are available at a low cost, worldwide.

Launzer.com has bought the rights from DC Comics to merchandise one of their most recognizable superheroes: Batman! The 3D printing company is hoping to generate global interest around the printed Batman figurines that are inspired by the “Batman Begins” movie. As obvious as this may sound, manufacturers of 3d printed products are still making their way to market establishment. Materializing such a renown character is a step towards this direction.

There are three versions currently available. The first is a high fidelity, vividly colored Batman figurine. The second is the character in exactly the same posture but made out of white polyamide. It can receive the coloring by the owner. The third version is a miniature statue made out of stainless steel, aiming to add some awesomeness to your desk or bookshelf.

The cost of those Batman figures is $87 (80,5 €), $82 (75,6 €) and $112 (104 €) respectively. Worldwide shipping costs are included. The figurines are printed by i.materialise.

Kari Voutila, CEO of Launzer.com and 3D Online Factory Ltd., says of the launch: “We are really proud to be the first to bring Batman alive in the 3D printing world. Batman has always been a pioneer in new technologies and 3D printing is a natural step for this superhero.” 

The contract with Warner Bros (and subsequently DC Comics) isn’t limiting Launzer.com to Batman. As their spokesmen promised, there will soon be other cartoon characters available, such as Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Looney Tunes characters.

It is becoming apparent that the world of franchise-based collectibles is steadily becoming richer, more affordable and more “tangible” for the fans all over the world. 3D Printing is playing a key role in this change.

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