Jun 5, 2018

Download Free 3D Printable Angry Birds Evolution Figurines

MyMiniFactory launched a new campaign which saw the release of seven official 3D printable figurines from everyone’s favorite mobile game, Angry Birds Evolution. The campaign is in collaboration with official makers of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment.

Popular 3D file repository MyMiniFactory was working in collaboration with Rovio Entertainment, the mobile game publisher, to bring us seven 3D printable STL files from the mobile game Angry Birds Evolution.

If you’ve been hooked on Angry Birds Evolution since its release in June 2016 or regularly spend your commutes playing the game, these figures should bring some joy to your desk.

During the campaign, one STL file was released daily over the course of the week starting May 28th. All seven Angry Birds Evolution characters are now available. You can download the STL files for free on MyMiniFactory.

What is Angry Bird Evolution?

Not quite up to date with all of the Angry Birds games? Angry Birds Evolution is one which takes the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest and enables you to build a team of birds, train them up and then kick pesky pigs off Bird Island.

However, the game also involves “something sinister” and you’ll have to figure out who lost the dungeon keys, who is behind “Bacon Corp” and who Eagle Force are. With this game, you can hatch, collect and evolve over 100 new Angry Birds characters.

With every evolution of the 100+ characters, you will unlock new skills and increase the chances of beating the pigs. But, for now, you can only print seven, including: Red, Darlene, Carter, Dutch, Matilda, Steve, and Zain. See them all, here.

If you love printing Angry Birds characters and have completed the seven from this collaboration, don’t worry as MyMiniFactory has many other STL files to offer thanks to avid designers and makers.

Source: Press Release

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