Sep 20, 2017

Digital Metal Releases World’s First High-Precision Metal 3D Printer

Digital Metal announces the commercial production of the DM P2500 metal 3D printer, the world’s first high-precision binder jetting system.

There’s no denying that metal 3D printing is a marvelous manufacturing method, but certain limitations continue to stunt its growth. The high part cost, hefty initial investment, and lack of printing precision has steered some away from integrating this exciting technology into their workflow.

However, Digital Metal, a subsidiary of the metal powder pioneer Höganäs, is looking to tackle the accuracy issue with their new printer. The company has announced the commercial availability of its DM P2500 metal printer. But what separates this machine from other metal 3D printers?

Well, Digital Metal claims that this is the industry’s first high-precision binder jetting system. The DM P2500 is capable of producing small and intricate metal components, a task that other metal printers have struggled with.

Digital Metal’s DM P2500: Bringing Precision to the Metal 3D Printing World

For a company that is relatively unknown in the industrial 3D printing realm, Digital Metal managed to pack some impressive features into the DM P2500. It has a print volume of 2500 cm3 and prints with 42 µm layers at 100 cc/hr. The printer is capable of printing in a resolution of 35µm, and eliminates the need for support structures.

According to Ralf Carlström, General Manager at Digital Metal, the experience and backing of Höganäs has enabled the production of this state-of-the-art printer.

“Our heritage, knowledge and experience in metal powders combined with the development and evolution of our cutting-edge printer technology has enabled us to succeed where others have failed. With the DM P2500 we are bringing to market a tried and tested 3D metal printer with the capability to produce objects with unparalleled accuracy and surface finish at high volume – from day one we delivered one-off parts in large volumes.”

Over the last for years, Digital Metal has produced around 200,000 metal 3D parts through their 3D printing service. However, the next step is to get their DM P2500 onto the commercial market. Thus far, they’ve already had a fair amount of success.

 Digital Metal Takes Aim at Multiple Industries & Customers

An undisclosed global leader in fashion design is the first customer to purchase the DM P2500. The second was installed at the French institute and technological innovation hub Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques (CETIM) over the summer.

The company also plans to target a wide range of industries, including automotive, dental, healthcare, aerospace, and luxury. The watch manufacturer Montfort uses Digital Metal’s system to print the Alp-inspired dials for their high-end watches.

Honeywell Aerospace is also partnering up with the metal powder leaders, exploring joint projects related to the aerospace industry. Aside from the metal 3D printer, Digital Metal will also provide the ancillary equipment needed to operate each machine, as well as training and support to ensure that customers are maximizing the potential of their high-precision binder jetting system.

Source: Digital Metal (Press Release) 

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