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YouTuber 3D Prints World’s Largest Nerf Gatling Gun

by Hanna Watkin
Jul 8, 2019

YouTuber and maker Ivan Miranda has 3D printed the world's largest nerf gatling gun that shoots 10 balls per second at more than 60 miles per hour.

In his latest video, YouTuber Ivan Miranda explains that he never owned a nerf gatling gun. After playing around with a couple, he decides they are pretty “meh” and builds his own instead.

Miranda’s nerf gatling gun is 3D printed and he claims it’s the world’s largest. The gun can shoot 10 balls per second at more than 100 kilometers per hour (60 miles per hour). He jokes: “I don’t know how to make anything small.”

The nerf gun can hold 74 balls which are sucked up by a vacuum. This isn’t a toy for kids though, predominantly because they’re unlikely to be able to carry the 12kg, fully-loaded gun.

“Oh my God, this is heavy,” shouts Miranda while trying the gun out for the first time. Check it out for yourself:

Building the World’s Largest Nerf Gun

Miranda is sponsored by AprintaPro, best known for filament adhesives, which supplied the filament for the giant nerf gun. The resulting build is a lot more impressive than the much smaller original.

Miranda’s version is complete with lights and switches which are controlled by an Arduino Mega Uno. However, Miranda admits that he made a mess of the wiring but as there “isn’t much to it” so everything runs smoothly regardless.

The final nerf gun, which runs on batteries, is called the Tickle Master 5000 “or something like that”. It boasts four switches, to control the ball-loading feature and the speed, and also has a voltage display.

Miranda tests out the nerf gun by checking whether it’s accurate, whether it hurts, whether the light is “blinding enough”, and whether it’s good for surprise attacks. Aside from clearly weighing him down, the world’s largest nerf gun seems to pass all of Miranda’s tests.

For similar videos, check out Miranda’s YouTube channel.

Nerf Gatling Gun
The 3D printed nerf gun is even pretty good at taking down “harrassing drones”. (Source: Ivan Miranda)

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