May 9, 2019
by All3DP

[STUFF] Making Audio Visual with

Turn your screams into STLs with the press of a button -- takes audio files and creates downloadable 3D printable models.

Hats off to Redditor SoftwareDeveloperTim for putting together, a nifty little website that transmogrifies your sound data into a 3D printable STL.

Whether you’re immortalizing the sound of a loved one or stealthily swearing at your co-workers — there’s a staggering number of ways to pitch it. Handily you can render the model as flat for wall-stickability, or as free-standing radial sculptures that, frankly, look fantastic.

The project is open source, meaning those with the inclination can dig around GitHub and tinker at their leisure. For the rest of us, it’s a great timekiller. We give it a week before the All3DP office is awash with 3D printed Wilhelm screams and Endgame quotes.

Check it out —

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