Dec 14, 2018

Pastry Chef Jordi Bordas Works with BCN3D to Create Golden Peanut

Through the power of desktop 3D printing, facilitated by Barcelona-based printer manufacturer BCN3D, pastry chef Jordi Bordas has concocted the ultimate nutty treat -- the Golden Peanut.

In 2011, Jordi Bordas became a Pastry World Champion at Sirha, the international fair dedicated to the Restaurant and Hotel industries, which was held in Lyon, France.

Since then, Bordas has been working on developing new pastry concepts, products and recipes. He’s also opened a pastry school in Viladecans and developed B·Concept which “is a method for creating healthier, lighter and tastier recipes from scratch.”

However, most recently Bordas has used 3D printing to develop new pastry creations. The pastry chef worked with BCN3D Technologies, the desktop 3D printer manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain, to develop a pastry product called the Golden Peanut.

The resulting pastry looks delicious. But, Bordas explains that 3D printing technology made it possible to further unleash his team’s creativity and artistry.

3D Printing a Mold for the Golden Peanut Pastry

The Golden Peanut tastes, as you might expect, like peanuts. However, the project idea was to develop a pastry in the shape of a peanut too. Unfortunately, Bordas and his team couldn’t find a suitable mold to accomplish the task.

So, the team decided to create their own. Traditional methods of producing master molds can be expensive when only one or two are required. The resulting molds can also be complicated to use.

Instead, Bordas explained that he got in touch with BCN3D Technologies. The 3D printing company then used its expertise in 3D printing to manufacture the peanut mold.

The BCN3D team then used a Sigma R19 with a 0.3mm hotend and PLA to print a peanut in high resolution with a smooth finish. An external structure was then printed so that liquid silicone could fill it and a peanut-shaped hole was left in the middle.

When the silicone was hardened, it served as an effective mold and the Golden Peanut pastry creation could be made. Now, the only question is, how can we get our hands on one?

Source: BCN3D Technologies

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