Dec 9, 2018

ORIGIBOT2 3D Printed Telepresence Robot Available on Indiegogo

Now on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo is a new campaign launched by Origin Robots called the ORIGIBOT2 which is a telepresence robot that you can move around and pick things up with remotely.

Origin Robotics is a company which is “passionate” about bringing robots into our everyday lives. It has now launched a telepresence robot which has far more functionality, thanks to 3D printed parts, than many competitors.

Never heard of a telepresence robot? They enable people to make meetings even when they can’t physically be there. However, they are limited to simply being placed in one spot.

Not anymore, thanks to Origin Robotics. You can now back the company’s Indeigogo campaign which offers a telepresence robot that can move and open doors thanks to an arm, a gripper, and an Arduino.

Better yet, the design is made from carbon fiber to ensure that it’s strong yet also very lightweight. It has 3D printed plastic parts for easy updates and modifications. The resulting robot pairs with an “included” Android tablet and an app so you can make it do anything from wherever you are in the world.

How to Back the ORIGIBOT2 from Indiegogo

Currently, ORIGIBOT2 is in the prototype stage. The company has already launched two other crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo – one failed to reach the goal, the other goal was met. The company points out that development changes may occur.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the ORIGOBOT2 which is featured in the video above for $599 and shipping. This is the Super Early Bird option and 40% off its intended retail price of $999.

This price includes the ORIGIBOT2 Advanced Carbon Fiber Robot Platform with Arm and Gripper as well as an android tablet. You can also choose the color you’d prefer.

As always, there are multiple other options you can back. If you want to take all of the fun out of the ORIGIBOT2,  you can buy it without the arm and gripper for $399. Expected delivery of all robots is early next year.

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Then, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the robot’s 2.2lb lift capacity and a 53-inch reach. The company show in the video above that it’s possible to open and close doors, call an elevator and carry documents or use it for more domestic tasks, such as feeding pets and providing relatives with medication.

Have more ideas for uses of the ORIGIBOT2? Visit the ORIGIBOT forum, a community where “enthusiasts can collaborate on ideas and enhancements.”

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