Mar 8, 2019
by All3DP

[DEAL] Peopoly Moai 130 Kit for $185 Off

What's better than getting a deal on a 3D printer? Getting a deal on a great 3D printer with all the bells and whistles! Check out this one on the Peopoly Moai 130.

Right now, Matterhackers is offering the Peopoly Moai 130 Laser SLA 3D Printer Bundle – Kit at a 12% discount, bringing the price down to $1,395. We’ve been impressed with these 3D printers. We named the original Peopoly Moai the Best Value Resin 3D Printer so far in 2019 because we liked it so much. The Peopoly Moai 130 takes this technology and includes loads of physical extras that improve the usability, reliability and general experience of using the machine.

Peopoly Moai 130 Kit includes:

  • Peopoly Moai Laser SLA 3D Printer – Kit
  • Peopoly Moai FEP Film Vat
  • Peopoly Moai Easy-to-Level Build Plate
  • Peopoly Moai Heater Module
  • Peopoly Moai UV Curing Light

Deal: Peopoly Moai 130 Kit for $1,395 on Matterhackers

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