Jun 4, 2019
by All3DP

[DEAL] Monoprice MP Mini SLA LCD for $200

Monoprice has dropped $50 off the price of its most recent resin printer, the MP Mini SLA LCD.

Monoprice has dropped the price of its MP Mini SLA LCD to a tantalizingly slim sub-$200.

We haven’t gone hands-on with this specific printer but can tell you that it (as is often the case with Monoprice’s printer offerings) is a rebadged Malyan 3D printer. The S100, to be exact.

And while we haven’t gone hands-on with that printer (bear with us), we have gotten our hands dirty with a different rebadging of it, Beam3D’s Prism (which is currently live on Kickstarter — check out our impressions here). While the Beam3D team assures us of differences, we expect the core experience to be similar.

At 118 x 65 x 110 mm, the build volume is small, but with WiFi connectivity and a self-leveling build plate, it’s not the worst proposition for $200. Many early adopters of the printer have cautioned that it’s not without its quirks though. Problems apparently include poor or non-existent support documentation and lackluster software. One for the tinkerers out there.

Deal: Monoprice MP Mini SLA LCD — 20% off at $199.99 — via Monoprice

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