Aug 31, 2018

Dazz 3D LCD 3D Printer Kickstarter Campaign Smashes Funding Goal

Dazz 3D, a Chinese technology company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer. Promising high-quality resin 3D printing, a safe air purification system and an automatic refilling system, the campaign has already smashed its funding goal of $30,000 with over $100,000 raised.

Now live on Kickstarter, Dazz 3D’s low-cost LCD-based resin 3D printer promises high-quality prints which are said to be more detailed, dimensionally accurate and structurally robust than models printed by its competition.

Lofty claims from Dazz 3D, a Chinese company with a history of making SLA and DLP 3D printers. Up on Kickstarter in search of backers, the company’s newest proposal, the Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer, has already smashed its funding goal of $30,000, raising $111,145 (at the time of writing) with 43 days to go.

Jack Chen, CEO & Founder of Dazz-3D, said:

“With Dazz-3D our goal was to create an affordable, user-friendly printer with professional level quality. Dazz-3D has incredible accuracy, great printing speed, and excellent model details. On top of that, we added features such as the fan and carbon filter that address health concerns and eliminate fumes, making it a better printer for homes and small spaces.”

Features of the Dazz 3D LCD 3D Printer

The Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer offers a 2K LCD panel & dual-liner slides. The company claims that this enables the printer to create more detailed, dimensionally accurate and robust models.

It also has a “unique anti-wobble system” or self-leveling build platform so that models can be finely detailed and smooth. As well as this, a selling point is the “safe air purification system” in the form of a low-speed fan and an activated carbon filter.

The printer has an automatic refilling system, which supposedly makes refilling as easy as placing a bottle upside down into the resin bath fill, and a Deluxe 7” Touchscreen Monitor. Print jobs can be pushed to the printer via Wi-Fi or USB.

The company explains: “To achieve the best quality, Dazz-3D is equipped with 2K HD LCD screen coupled with a Purple 405nm LED lamp to project slices of a 3D model onto the floor of resin container and dual-liner slides for enhanced detail and layer resolution capability is up to 25 microns, XY Resolution is 47μm, and Z resolution is 10μm.”

But, the campaign promises that this high quality won’t affect the speed of the print which is up to 36mm/hr.

Intrigued to find out more? You can check out the Dazz-3D LCD SLA 3D printer on Kickstarter. As always, remember when backing a Kickstarter campaign that there is no guarantee you will actually receive the backer rewards.

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