Sep 6, 2018

Carbon Launches Medical-Grade MPU 100 Resin for DLS 3D Printers

Carbon has launched MPU 100, the first-ever medical-grade material for its Digital Light Synthesis machines. It offers a combination of mechanical strength, biocompatibility, and sterilizability.

Carbon, the Silicon Valley tech startup and digital manufacturer, has made quite the name for itself with its Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, which fuses light and oxygen in order to rapidly produce objects from a pool of resin. A number of renowned companies, from Adidas to Incase, have integrated this method into their production workflow.

Now, Carbon seems to be eyeing the medical field with its newly announced Medical Polyurethane 100 (MPU 100) material, the first-ever medical-grade resin made for DLS machines. It is a white polymer resin which boasts a unique combination of serializability, mechanical strength, and biocompatibility.

Jason Rolland, Vice President of Materials at Carbon, said of the material: “With MPU 100, Carbon is enabling new capabilities for medical device manufacturers by providing the mechanical properties, biocompatibility, sterilization compatibility, and chemical resistance to produce safe and reliable end-use products for patients.”

Carbon Enters the Medical Market with Medical Polyurethane 100 Resin

Carbon is aiming to enter the medical market in order to provide durable and reliable medical tools in a quick and cost-effective manner. The startup believes its MPU 100 resin will provide a positive and significant effect on multiple aspects of the medical market.

This new material can be used for a variety of applications,  from pill bottles to surgical tool handles. Carbon has already tested a number of uses out and has previewed the results on its website. The MPU 100 will also be useful for single-use medical devices, drug-contact devices, prosthetics, surgical guides, inhalers, and many more medical-related systems.

Comprehensive tests of the MPU 100 material are already being conducted, ensuring that it’s up to USP VI and ISO 10993-5 standards. Another essential feature of the resin it that it’s is compatible with ethylene oxide, e-beam, and gamma sterilization methods. Additionally, the master file is available to check with the FDA.

Carbon’s new medical-grade material is already available in 800ML cartridges for customers residing in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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