Featured image of 3D Scan Yourself Then Meet Yourself Using AR Headset in Art Installation

3D Scan Yourself Then Meet Yourself Using AR Headset in Art Installation

Hanna Watkin
Sep 28, 2019

What would you think and want to say if you met yourself?


Meet Yourself is an art installation which asks the question, what would you say to a 3D version of yourself? Martine Jarlgaard, worked for Vivienne Westwood, All Saints, and Diesel, is the designer behind this creation.

In order for participants to meet themselves, Jarlgaard takes a 3D scan of the person, then enables them to interact with a holographic 3D avatar of themselves via an AR headset. The idea is to change your perspective of yourself.

Stanford University WSD HANDA Center for Human Rights and International Justice is partnering with Jarlgaard to iterate the technology.

“I think Meet Yourself is incredibly important because right now we are experiencing so many new technologies that are incredibly powerful,” said Jarlgaard in an interview with Fast Company. “The future we are heading towards requires us to really think about some of the big questions around who are you and meeting yourself is a good first confrontation and kick starter into thinking about this.” 


Face-to-Face Conversation With Yourself

Part of the inspiration behind this artwork was the fact that Jarlgaard realized a lot of people have a negative perception of themselves. She adds that it can be incredibly hard to change this.

Meet Yourself uses technology to create a distance from your usual perspective of yourself.

“What I realized was that actually when people meet themselves, quite a few are positively surprised,” explains Jarlgaard. “They look at themselves and are like, ‘oh, I’m not that ugly’ or ‘I’m not that bad’. Not everybody has this response, but it just told me that perhaps you could use technology to hack the way we think about ourselves.”

Jarlgaard believes technology has too much of a hold over us and, as a result, we’ve lost the human touch and all the other parts that make us human.

She explains that she stepped into this world to create Meet Yourself because she believes what we can do with technology is so sophisticated that it could either be used for good or evil.

“It has massive potential and we can do incredible things, but we have to make sure we’re doing it for the right reasons.”

Source: Fast Company

Meet Yourself
Martine Jarlgaard is the designer behind the art installation Meet Yourself (Source: Fast Company)

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