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3D Printed Laser Projection Mask Lets You Be Anything

Emmett Grames
Nov 4, 2019

Can't decide who or what you want to be? With this cool project, you can become anything by laser-projecting onto a 3D printed mask.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of swapping your appearance out at will for a new one, like a chameleon, this relatively simple project may inspire you.

Sean Hodgins shared his laser projection mask, which works by projecting anything on your face to look like whatever you want, on Instructables.

The project consists of a 3D printed mask, a headband from a welding helmet, a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a custom circuit board, a pico projector, a wood dowel, and a few printed mounts.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is controlled over WiFi via an Android app, and interfaces with the pico projector via a custom-designed circuit board. The app allows you to control a number of pre-made animations that you load into the Raspberry Pi, which are then projected onto the mask.

The mask itself is 3D printed, as are the mounts and enclosures. The Raspberry Pi and projector are mounted to the mask via a wooden dowel, such that they hang just in front and a little below the wearer, projecting upwards onto the mask.

Once assembled, programming is a breeze with the provided code, and you can load any image or animation, so long as you preformat them to the required shape for the projector to align with the mask.

Hodgins recommends pairing the mask with a black or dark-colored hoodie for maximum effect.

This mask was fabricated using an Ender 3 (Source: Sean Hodgins via Instructables)

Hodgins suggests building the mask for the perfect Halloween or costume ball since the ability to project pretty much anything onto your face makes for a very adaptable costume.

To build your own or find out more, detailed instructions and a full part list can be found on the original Instructable.

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