Sep 11, 2018

3D Print Your Own Terminator Skull Complete with Moving Eyes and Jaw

Noah Williamson has been making models for around four years. He's certainly mastered the craft as his latest design is a 3D printed Terminator skull with working eyes, jaw "and more". 

Are you looking for a new 3D printing project? How about 3D printing a Terminator Skull which has a movable jaw, eyes, that can rotate in their sockets, as well as a CPU slot and removable cover?

Thankfully you don’t have to do all of this work from scratch. Noah Williamson is a maker who’s released the files for such a Terminator Skull on Thingiverse.

If you get it right, this project should result in a Terminator Skull which has eyes which glow red and move, a mouth which opens and closes and a piston system.

For true Terminator fans, you’ll be glad to see that the CPU chip is removed in a similar-to-the-movie manner. Check it out:

3D Print Your Own Terminator Head

Williamson has been building models for around four years. He began this process by building his model using Blender, the free, open-source 3D computer graphics software. This process took around four days of work.

He adds that he’s used two previous models to inform his design, making the CAD process faster than usual. The models Williamson used were a “CPU” (which is actually an SD card holder) and a solid T-800 head.

He provides some advice to those hoping to use his files, explaining: “The model is not to scale, REPEAT IT’S NOT TO SCALE… to make it to scale put the size to 130% in your slicer. The pistons/the mechanism that lets the jaw open is kind of fragile, so I would suggest making the T-800_Jaw and the T-800_top_teath a much higher infill % to avoid breakage.”

Expect 16 hours of printing time for each of the larger pieces in this model. Williamson explains that his total print time was around 70 hours.

Next, you’ll need some filler primer and high grit sandpaper to get the model ready for painting. After a careful paint-job, the result should be an accurate Terminator skull. Williamson chose metallic silver for the skull and white for the teeth.

Head on over to Thingiverse to find out more and decide whether you’re up for the challenge.

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