Jul 15, 2015

3D Printed Video Game Characters from Amazon

Amazon has partnered with Sandboxr and 3D Systems. They offer a nice collection of customizable 3D printed video game characters from popular franchises. 

There‘s a 3D editor for customizing the right poses (image source: Victor Anusci)

Amazon has enriched its 3D printed products store with reasonably priced 3d printed video game characters figurines. The statuettes are printed in state of the art printers that are able to achieve collectible-level fidelity and color vividness. The figurines can be customized by the buyer online, and delivered on your doorstep free of shipping charges.

The characters are from the games Street Fighter V, Smite, Primal Carnage and Infinity Blade III. The process begins in Sandboxr online customization tool that allows you to choose the character, body armor, helmet and weapon through an intuitive interface that previous your unique figurine in a 360 degrees view. It is indicative of the large number of customization options that Infinity Blade alone counts more than 12 million possible different combinations. Besides the collection of parts, buyers can also choose from a set of poses that further add to the singularity of their figurines.

After the design is done, the model is passed to 3D Systems for realization. The company uses the ProJet x60 series printer to produce figurines that boast photo-realistic colors at high printing resolutions. The resulting product is then shipped to you by Amazon shipping services without any additional fees. The small size (3.5 – 4 inch tall) costs 29.99$, while the large size (5.5 – 6 inch tall) will cost you 89.99$.

This is yet another great example of how 3D printing technology is utilized to the benefit of already existing virtual products, adding value and enhancing the experience for the gamers. While Amazon is still on its first steps in this emerging category of products, the total number of customizable, printable items available in their virtual store has grown by 150% during the last year’s period. This highlights the rise of a new market in the best possible way, and it is also promising in the sense of what is going to happen when 3D printers are to be found in every house.

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