Oct 14, 2016

3D Printed Robert Lewandowski to Break Guinness World Record?

Soccer player Robert Lewandowski is scanned and printed as 10 feet tall statue, potentially breaks records for tallest 3D printed object.

On the first day of 3D Printing Days Warsaw Expo, visitors were greeted by a huge 3D printed statue of Robert Lewandowski towering over them.

Who is he and why should you care? Lewandowski is a 28-year-old Polish footballer who plays for FC Bayern Munich and supposedly famous.

The 10 feet (3 meter) high statue is the work of SMARTTECH, a Polish manufacturer of 3D scanners. They hope to beat the previous Guinness World Record for tallest 3D printed object.

In fact, Lewandowski is 3 feet taller than the previous record-holder. That’s a statue of television presenter Jon Bentley which measures around 6.5 ft (2.05 m).

The project is the collective work of five companies including SMARTTECH, who scanned the player, and FabLab Kielce, who worked on the post-processing and preparing 3D printing source files.

The official partner of the project is the Institute of Design Kielce, and Superexpo.com is in charge of media coverage for the project.

How to Make a Giant 3D Printed Robert Lewandowski

SMARTTECH pointed out the importance of getting the print right the first time. As Managing Director Anna Gębarska explains in a press release:

There was no room for mistakes since even the smallest of details would be exposed during the process of enlargement and adjustment of the shape of the human in order to be able to 3D print it.”

First, the company used their medical body scanning system to sweep Lewandowski. In just 0.7 seconds, the company had all the data regarding his body shape, texture, and surface color.

It wasn’t easy trying to fit everything into Lewandowski’s busy schedule. Plus, they had to allow enough time to print and assemble the statue in time for the show.

In total, it took 350 hours to complete the statue. Now, people can say that Lewandowski really is a soccer star of mammoth proportions.

Check out the towering statue in the picture below. As yet, no one representing the Guinness World of Records has confirmed that the record has been broken.

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