Jul 22, 2015

Gentle Giant Uses 3D Printing for Marvel Collectibles

Figurine Studio Gentle Giant has presented Marvel’s 3d printed collectibles in the form of jumbo-sized multicolored figurines during this year’s Comic-Con.

He’s got a mean punch: 3D printed Thanos Statue from Gentle Giant (image: Comicalliance)

3D-Figurine studio Gentle Giant amazed the crowds during this years San Diego Comic-Con. They exhibited a twelve-inch high statue of Thanos – the super-villain of the Avengers: Infinity War mega-epic coming in 2018. The “not for sale” statue was made through a 100% 3D printing process, featuring astonishing colorful details that act as a proof of concept for things to come.

Other jumbo-sized collectibles included Lego, Star Wars, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, Batman and characters from the Walking Dead TV series. All collectibles are of course licensed while their price ranges from $80 to $500 depending on the size, moving parts and fidelity. Note that some of the products are available only to customers based in the US and Canada.

Gentle Giant will 3D Print Many More Figurines

Gentle Giant has a contract that allows them to produce figures from Marvel comics, the Hobbit, 300, Avatar, Disney, the Walking Dead, Alien, Star Wars and GI Joe. This means that the company is planning on releasing as many characters and collectible figurines as fast as possible because they don’t have any kind of exclusivity. That said, it is no wonder that Gentle Giant was acquired by 3DSystems in January.

3D Systems hopes that their popular consumer platform will act as the solid basis for Gentle Giant’s licensed figurines to reach to as many customers as soon as possible. As 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental states: “Gentle Giant Studios catapults 3DS’s consumer platform forward with highly curated, licensed characters, content publishing know-how and first-mover experience for the benefit of leading toy companies, movie studios and their merchandising divisions.”

Those young children of the 90’s have grown up and have jobs and money to happily spend to re-issues of good old collectible figurines. 3D Systems is looking into covering this growing market trend, and 3D printing seems like the best way to do it today.

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