Jun 13, 2018

Cartoon Network Makes Your Favorite Adventure Time Characters 3D Printable on MyMiniFactory

The 3D model marketplace MyMiniFactory is collaborating with Cartoon Network to give makers access to official designs of their favorite characters from the hit television series Adventure Time. 

Who’s your favorite Adventure Time character? Is it Jake the shape-shifting dog, Marceline the Vampire Queen or Lumpy Space Princess? Whether you’re especially partial to one or love all three, you’ll be ecstatic to learn than you can now take these animated personalities from the mystical Land of Ooo and send them straight to your desktop 3D printer.

MyMiniFactory, one of the most popular 3D model marketplaces on the web, has recently teamed up with Cartoon Network and its parent company Turner to bring 3D printable designs of these three fan-favorite characters to their website. Despite being an official model approved by Cartoon Network, you can still download the files for free. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, the Adventure Time models on MyMiniFactory can only be downloaded in Europe, Middle East and Africa, but we hope to see a global release sometime soon.

The trio of characters have been launched as a part of a new competition from the MyMiniFactory team. All you need to do is print one of these Adventure Time characters and take a photo of the finished results to win a spool of filament. Make sure your picture if totally algebraic and super Shmow-zow, as the winner of the contest will be selected based on the creativity of the photo.

Huge Adventure Time Fan? 3D Print a Huge Character

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Adventure Time before, we’ll give you a quick introduction. It’s an amazingly funny animated series that follows a human named Finn and his best friend Jake, a dog that has magical powers allowing him to change shapes and grow at will. The dynamic duo journeys through the Land of Ooo, encountering dream-like characters like the Lumpy Princess or the evil (yet slightly misunderstood) Ice King. The show is basically a majestic and vibrant trip filled with non-sensica sayings and mathematical puns, perfect for kids and adults alike.

As for the 3D printable models, MyMiniFactory adds that users can rescale the 3D printable files to suit their preferences. To give yourself a real chance in the mini-competition, a life-size Lumpy Space Princess or a flexible printed Jake should increase your chances.

Visit MyMiniFactory to download the 3D printable files and participate in the competition by entering here.

As Cartoon Network has now entered the 3D model world, we can’t help but wonder if there will be more to come. Will it be more figurines from Adventure Time — such as Finn the human — or props and figurines from a different series, such as Steven Universe? Cartoon Network isn’t the only entertainment entity that has started collaborating with MyMiniFactory. If you’re not an Adventure Time fan but love playing Angry Birds, you can download the official 3D printable files from the game Angry Birds Evolution.

Needless to say, with so much drama in the 3D space stemming from copyright issues, it’s a welcome sign to see big names like Cartoon Network getting involved with 3D printable designs.

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