Jul 24, 2015

3D Models Extracted From Video

A new 3D model generator service promises extraction of characters from videos. But beware: Currently, it’s limited to a few special animations.

Can you extract 3D models from video streams? It may sound crazy, but a Japanese service called “3dgenerator” has created just this system. It lets you select an animated 3D model and send it straight to the 3D printer. There’s a caveat: The “videos” that are included in the service at this time are animations of pre-made 3D models. Still, visitors are offered the chance to capture the model at any stance they like and extract it as a printable STL file! .

The site currently offers five models (a dog, a goat, two girls and a dinosaur). The animations last long enough for the characters to assume various cute poses. The service plans on adding more models.

Does that mean you now can print out your favourite anime character? Not yet. But the case here is the demonstration of a great potential: Imagine if this or similar model generators were integrated and available in popular 3D animated cartoons.

The modeling part of the 3D printing process is a key part. It requires knowledge, skills and hours of work. Thankfully the content-rich online databases from which we can download models and our sophisticated software tools that automate demanding processes like material filling have made us forget about it. Add 3D scanners and even “photo to 3D model” software to it and we’re good to go without having to deal with any of the harsh parts of 3D modelling.

Now it seems that we are heading for the next step that is “extracting” models from video. While we are not quite there yet, we are definitely going into that direction, as the marketing fruits to rip from such services are large and sweet. 3Dgenerator shows that one day users will be able to upload their own videos, let the software detect the existing models in any frame, and let them extract and 3D print exactly what they want.


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