Sep 14, 2017

Sony and Sculpteo Team Up on Smartphone 3D Printing Service

Sculpteo and Sony announce a new partnership to 3D print objects and faces scanned with 3D Creator on the Sony Xperia XZ1 smartphone.

It’s been a very busy week for the team at online 3D printing service Sculpteo.

First came the news that they’re partnering with 3D sculpting software ZBrush. That’s a pretty big deal in itself; it allows artists to have their digital creations made physical without direct access to a 3D printer.

But the second announcement is potentially even bigger, a collaboration with Sony on the launch of the new Sony Xperia XZ1 smartphone. Using the 3D Creator application on the Xperia XZ1, users can create 360° scans of faces and objects and send them directly to Sculpteo for 3D printing.

The object can be fabricated in multicolor material, and users can choose from several predefined sizes. The service is entirely integrated, including payment which is made directly from the app. Moreover, the 3D Creator app is completely free and pre-installed on the Xperia XZ1.

3D Creator: Big Step Forward for Mobile Scanning and Printing?

Using the application, it will be possible to capture high-quality 3D scans of items using four modes; head scan, face scan, food scan, and freeform scan.  After scanning an object, users have a variety of options; they can share the scan on messenger apps using 3D stickers, or create an avatar for use in camera AR.

And of course, they can send their scan to a Sculpteo’s 3D printing service and create a memorable keepsake. According to Clément Moreau, Sculpteo co-founder:

“By becoming a built-in part of our precious smartphones, 3D printing is continuing its generalization and helping to further eradicate the boundaries between the digital and the real world.”

Indeed, this is perhaps the first time a 3D scanning application on a smartphone has an integrated 3D printing service. Previous apps like the 123D Catch from Autodesk (discontinued) confined themselves to just one aspect of the digital capture workflow.

3D Creator seems more ambitious, first by bringing a user-friendly 3D scanning app to a wider audience, and secondly by offering a seamless way to have those scans 3D printed. If it’s as successful as both Sony and Sculpteo are hoping, then both companies will be scanning and printing vast piles of money.

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