Mar 14, 2019

Rhino3D Models – 5 Best Sources

Rhino3D, a cutting edge 3D software, rams through design barriers to help you design anything from graceful buildings to sexy cars. This article delves into where to find models online so you can hit the ground running.

Best Sources for Rhino3D Models What Is Rhino3D Software?

A gas turbine model generated in Rhino3D. Source: Rhino3D

Rhino3D Modeling Software is a paid application for computer graphics as well as computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

Developed by Robert McNeel & Associates in 1980, the program is a NURBS-based mathematical modeling platform, which focuses on creating mathematically precise representations of freeform surface models and curves. Used by architects, automobile and jewelry designers, and multimedia and graphic designers, it appeals to designers in industries who appreciate mathematically sound designs.

The latest version, Rhino 6, can be downloaded for Windows and Mac-based computers only. (Sorry, Linux users). Rhino3D files are formatted as 3DM files, which can be exported into other formats for 3D printing. Currently, Rhino 6 is not free, with prices ranging from $995 for Windows to $695 for Mac, with discounts available for students and teachers.

There are many free online tutorials and videos that anyone can use to learn the ins and outs of the software. Meanwhile, here are the 5 best sources for Rhino3D models online, based on current online rankings, for those looking to get their feet wet in 3D design and modeling using this program.

Best Sources for Rhino3D Models 1. GrabCAD

A free model of a trek bicycle. Source: GrabCAD

GrabCAD is a large collection of free CAD file models, tutorials, and forums designed to give designers the tools, knowledge, and connections to produce awesome products and designs.

GrabCAD currently has over 5 million users and is the largest online community of designers, engineers, students, and manufacturers. For those in search of Rhino3D models, many of the library files are available for download in the .3DM format. There are no membership costs to download files, which are free if you use them for personal use. For commercial applications, check the fine print.

Whether you are looking for models related to aerospace engineering, jewelry, or toys, there are plenty of Rhino3D models available.

Best Sources for Rhino3D Models 2. Craftsmanspace

A Rhino3D model of an Egyptian Mashrabiya coffee table. Source: Craftsmanspace

Craftmanspace is a free site geared towards furniture modeling, fixtures, and woodworking. It offers many free geometries, mathematical 3D surfaces, and patterns to download in Rhino3D’s .3DM format.

The site also offers many other free items such as free books on arts and crafts, woodworking, metalworking and engineering, as well as links to free software including CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM programs. For the Rhino3D user, Craftsmanspace’s library offers unique objects for download to practice their tradecraft and ultimately gain more wisdom of NURBS-based applications.

Best Sources for Rhino3D Models 3. Flying Architecture

Exterior modeling example in Rhino3D. Source:

Started as a blog in 2009 by Matus Nedecky, Flying Architecture has become a portal of 3D models, textures, tutorials for 3D software. The site has become popular mainly for those providing professional visualizations in architectural and product design.

However, the website’s motto is ‘Learning By Sharing’. This it put into motion through a free, extensive 3D models library for students, artists, and hobbyists from all over the world.

As far as costs go, the basic membership is free. However, some models do come with a small fee to download. There is also a fee-based membership that gives access to many extras at an annual fee of 100 EUR. 

Although the main focus of Flying Architecture is for those specializing in architect visualizations, Rhino3D users from any niche will find the site’s tutorials more than useful.

Best Sources for Rhino3D Models 4. Renderpeople

A model scene complete with posed, rendered people in Rhino3D. Source: Renderpeople

Renderpeople focuses mainly on one thing: photorealistic human 3D models that can be integrated into different 3D visualizations. The site is tailored towards mainly computer-generated imagery (CGI) specialists working on architecture visualizations, games, and virtual reality/augmented reality applications.

Renderpeople offers both free and for purchase models. The free models are available in 3 different versions. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of free Rhino3D models. However there are plenty of additional people and poses available for purchase. Prices range between $49-$99.

Best Sources for Rhino3D Models 5. Dosch Design

A model of a metro station's interior. Source: Dosch Design

Dosch Design rounds out our list of the 5 Best Sources for Rhino3d Models. This company was started in 1995 when it released its first collection of 3D models, and today it has products ranging from automobiles, people, furniture, interiors and many more.

Dosch Design is free to register and provides many samples that are free for download and test in many different 3D formats.  The majority of the products offered on the site, however, are for purchase only with prices averaging about $149.

For those wanting to design high-end quality Rhino3D models, Dosch Design will definitely be one of your best sources online to find what you are seeking.

Best Sources for Rhino3D Models Conclusion

A jumbo jet modeled and rendered in Rhino3D. Source: Rhino3D

While we only list the top 5 sites for those searching for Rhino3D models to download and experiment with, there are many more out there, with new ones popping up all the time.

Besides the files available for download, most of which are free, some of these sites provide other valuable information, including tutorials, books, and software, which are also useful for Rhino3D users.

Whatever your industry, whether it’s architect visualizations, automobile modeling, construction, or jewelry design, these sites will help you find the Rhino3D models you need for your project.

Feature image source: Rhino3D

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