Sep 2, 2018

Free 3D Character Models – 6 Best Sources of 2018

It's fun to get creative and design your own character, but sometimes you just can't afford the time to make one from scratch. That's where premade 3D character models are advantageous, especially if they're free! To learn more, read through this list of best sources for free 3D character models.

Free 3D Character Models Introduction

This 3D model of Wolverine would make an awesome addition to your desk. Source:

Not every 3D printed item is a technical prototype or a spare part. Sometimes they’re simply for entertainment. 3D character models are often designed for digital entertainment, like video games and animated movies. And you know how it goes: If it’s 3D, it can be printed. The result? Some cool models that can be used as board game pieces, action figures, or figurines!

Free 3D Character Models 1.

TurboSquid Character Models. Source: Amir M. Bohlooli // All3DP

TurboSquid offers a huge capacity of high-quality 3D character models designed by professionals, including rigged and animated models. There are also “Real-Time” models, which TurboSquid defines as GPU-friendly models ready for use in video games.

Naturally, the catalog narrows down when you tick the “Free” checkbox, but there are still roughly 1,400 character models available for download free of charge. And despite being free, for the most part they’re well designed and realistic. This rigged King Kong and this posed male are just two examples of quality free 3D character models. Make sure to check them out!

Free 3D Character Models 2.

CGTrader Character Models. Source: Amir M. Bohlooli // All3DP

CGTrader is a 3D model marketplace and community, where users can post or find jobs and sell their 3D models. Some designers share their works free of charge.

The search system is specific and the online support team is always there to help you find what you’re looking for. There are over 2,700 free 3D character models available in good variety and quality. Eric, for example, is a high resolution rigged male model, ready for use!

Free 3D Character Models 3.

The Iron Man 3D Model from Free3D. Source: Amir M. Bohlooli // All3DP

Based in India, Free3D is yet another website offering 3D Models. But unlike others and quite the contrary, you don’t have to ask for free models — they’re all free! And the paid models are on a different page, so all you’ll get are free 3D models, unless you ask otherwise.

The models tagged “3D Printable” are easier to print, or so the designer thinks. It’s best if you don’t print right away and check if the model has any anomalies or needs supports.

There are about 1,000 free 3D character models in various style and spirit ready for download on your click, including this model of Iron Man.

Free 3D Character Models 4.

300 free 3D character models to choose from. Source: Amir M. Bohlooli // All3DP

CadNav is a CAD library offering 3D materials, textures, and models for free. The library isn’t as vast as others, but they’re all for free, and there isn’t even a premium section.

The character category contains about 300 models of mediocre quality available in different file formats and design styles. There’s also a “Game Characters” category where models suitable for video games are arranged. Check out this Pandaren Monk.

Free 3D Character Models 5.

Fantasy character models galore! Source: Amir M. Bohlooli // All3DP

3DExport is a marketplace for anything 3D related and a member of the “Export” marketplace family. Their siblings are PSDExport and WPExport, which specialize in other computer designs.

With 3DExport, designers put up their works for the customers to see and purchase. There are over 4,000 free models, 300 of which are free 3D character models of good quality and design. Here’s a good looking Superman!

Free 3D Character Models 6.

Never look for a posed 3D character model again. Source:

All3DFree is a website based in Malaysia offering 3D models for free and only for free. The website has rather minimalist looks and might not be as pretty as the others and there are plenty of ads, but the content is great.

The character models are limited in number and there’s a lack of rigged models, but the design quality of the available models is satisfying. There are about 50 free 3D character models, ready for download. The models are similar to this posed male, differing in the character and the pose, but the art is the same.

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