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3D Printer Video – 10 Most Impressive Videos

Jonathan Witte
Sep 24, 2019

From cool personal projects to newsworthy innovations, this list of 3D printing videos is sure to impress. Dive into these crowd-pleasers, each combining 3D printing power with video editing expertise.

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3D Printing Videos Possibilities Galore

Yep, that tank is 3D printed.
Yep, that tank is 3D printed. (Source: Ivan Miranda / YouTube)

3D printing is great for personal use, but it’s not just limited to your workshop. Indeed, the technology is so much better when shared, especially given the enthusiasm of the community.

Platforms for sharing are numerous, and YouTube is foremost among them. It serves as an outlet for creators, designers, and experts to share their work, creativity, and knowledge.

Many 3D printing videos exist out there, including cool time-lapses and tutorials from maker channels. But with so much interesting content to digest, it can be difficult to pick a favorite. That’s where this article comes in. Sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy our selection of the most impressive 3D printing videos.


3D Printing Videos Adam Savage – Assembling the Curta Calculator

The MythBusters hero putting together the Curta calculator.
The MythBusters hero putting together the Curta calculator. (Source: Adam Savage’s Tested / YouTube)

Through his YouTube Channel, Adam Savage’s Tested, Adam is dedicated to building all kinds of advanced DIY projects, seemingly specializing in props and cosplay items from film, video games, and pop culture. This video is no different, featuring a 3D printed Curta calculator designed by Marcus Wu.

The Curta calculator is an amazing machine that works completely off the grid. Powered by a crank at its top, it accepts your entered values and performs calculations using pure mechanics! Watch as Adam Savage unboxes, describes, and tests this maker-created product.


3D Printing Videos Ivan Miranda – Simple but Functional Tank

The tank making sand art.
The tank making sand art. (Source: Ivan Miranda / YouTube)

What do you get when you cross red PLA with an RC hobby? Ivan Miranda shows us in one of his most popular YouTube videos, “Hole Making Machine”. This tank is an awesome example of how a simple printing process and some ingenuity can make an RC vehicle that functions extremely well in multiple environments.

Ivan is well-known for his designs and his use of red PLA. He’s designed tanks, boats, and RC cars, some of which can even drive on ceilings! Designs such as these are great examples of creators making just because they can.


3D Printing Videos Tech Insider – Quick and Affordable Housing

A stunning end product.
A stunning end product. (Source: Tech Insider / YouTube)

Creating a safe and functional house for around $4,000 in under 24 hours? That’s not possible. Or is it?

Icon, partnered with New Story, demonstrates the ability to 3D print homes. Many people around the world live in unsafe environments and simply lack the resources to purchase a full-scale house. With this partnership, a new solution is just around the corner.


3D Printing Videos Make Anything – Single-Nozzle Multicolor Artwork

This phone case combines function and form.
This phone case combines function and form. (Source: Maker Anything / YouTube)

If you’re like most makers with a 3D printer, you most likely have a single-nozzle FDM machine. Sure, you could drop $500 on a dual-nozzle setup or a Mosaic Palette 2, but why bother when you can make do with what you have?

This video showcases a strategy from Devin Montes of Make Anything, demonstrating how any owner of a single-nozzle extruder can make multicolor prints.

No longer are you limited by your single nozzle. With a little bit of creativity and time, you can start producing works of art, literally! Devin has a history of providing the community with amazing printing projects, and this one does not disappoint.


3D Printing Videos RCLifeOn – Maintaining a Racing Drone

3D printing meets quadcopters.
3D printing meets quadcopters. (Source: RCLifeOn / YouTube)

If you’ve ever flown a racing drone or even watched them on TV, you know that they crash easily and break often. Parts are commonly made from a carbon fiber material, making them light and sturdy but also expensive. 3D printing makes these parts more available, especially for testing custom designs and training beginner pilots.

RCLifeOn walks us through the testing of a drone design that is both modular and quick to repair. Stop paying overblown prices and waiting weeks for parts to come from China. 3D printing is here to work for you – why not see what it can do?


3D Printing Videos Vice News – Gun Controversy

Cody Wilson, the man behind the Liberator.
Cody Wilson, the man behind the Liberator. (Source: Vice News / YouTube)

Some fear them, some love them, and some don’t know how to feel about them; 3D printed guns have been largely disputed for a while and have even been blocked to the general public in many regions around the world.

It’s a heated and controversial area, as many are afraid that people, even kids, will be making untraceable weapons. But the people in this video have already downloaded the files and are producing them; they might just sway your beliefs.


3D Printing Videos Corridor Crew – Printers of Catan

Settlers of Catan has never been so cool.
Settlers of Catan has never been so cool. (Source: Corridor Crew / YouTube)

When a creator puts a lot of time into something, it can be really cool. When a team of creators comes together to design and make a project, the results can be astounding.

Filmed by Corridor Crew, this montage is the culmination of a long list of creators’ works. From the people that designed the board game to the people who designed the storage cases and magnet spaces, 3D printed Catan couldn’t have come out any better. And what makes it even better is, you can make it yourself with downloadable files and careful painting.


3D Printing Videos I Like To Make Stuff – Shoretrooper Helmet

Is that even 3D printed?
Is that even 3D printed? (Source: I Like To Make Stuff / YouTube)

It’s fairly common for makers to download masks and then print them on personal 3D printers. But in this video, a replica Shoretrooper helmet is made to look exactly like the one Star Wars: Rogue One and is a how-to for other fans.

Post-processing plays a key role in making props look real and takes a lot of time to get it correct. But with enough time invested, you’ll be sure to enjoy this transformative video.


3D Printing Videos Toyota Europe – Open Bionics' Hero Arm

The Hero Arm, from Open Bionics.
The Hero Arm, from Open Bionics. (Source: Toyota Europe / YouTube)

Partnering with Open Bionics, Toyota has its own 3D printed prosthetic. Using conventional methods, prosthetic limbs cost a fortune and aren’t easily customizable. Yet, with a little ingenuity and some amazing designers, Open Bionics has created a 3D product for anyone: The Hero Arm.

This use case of 3D printing has been seen before, but here it’s being used to help amputees feel important. Each arm can be made according to a specific design or superhero character. What could be better?


3D Printing Videos 3D Printing Nerd – World's Largest OpenRC F1

Joel testing his bigged up RC car.
Joel testing his bigged up RC car. (Source: 3D Printing Nerd / YouTube)

Joel Telling (3D Printing Nerd) is well known for his “scale-it-up” videos, forever making models bigger and bigger. His projects provide the viewer with entertaining ideas and projects that inspire other creators.

In this video, he takes a simple maker model and scales it up 400%. That’s not to say there won’t be problems. After more than five update videos of building, breaking, and fixing the Open RC F1 car, Joel finally finished his monstrous project, and it drives!

(Lead image source: engineering.com)

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