Mar 6, 2019

3D Printer Time-Lapse Recording – 5 Most Impressive Videos

Watching a 3D printer draw your favorite model is mesmerizing, but waiting for it to finish takes forever. If you've wondered what it would be like to see a hyperspeed print, these time-lapse videos are a treat to watch!

3D Printer Time-Lapse Videos A Hobby of Passion

An impressive recording setup. Source: Jeremy Simon /

If you’ve ever watched a 3D printer operate, you know that it can be both mesmerizing and painfully slow. As such, many 3D printing enthusiasts have asked themselves the question, “What if I could speed the print to just a few minutes?”

Given that many people in the 3D printing community have an artistic side, they’ve turned to cinematography to give us a fascinating glimpse of 3D printers in hyperspeed. Here’s a list of a few of the best 3D printed time-lapse videos, featuring both single print jobs and well-produced compilations.

If you become inspired and want to make your own 3D printer time-lapse video, check out our in-depth guide.

3D Printer Time-Lapse Videos 1. Compilation by WildRose Builds

You can almost hear him breathing... Source: David Östman / MyMiniFactory

One of the kings of 3D prints, YouTube user WildRose Builds commonly posts print compilations that feature the most advanced and intricate prints.

Producing the models for these videos requires a great deal of time. That’s why WildRose Builds uses a Prusa i3 FDM printer and the most premium PLA.

The maker has an extensive collection of time-lapse prints and a considerable social media presence. If you have a chance, check out a few of their other compilations; you’ll be glad you did!

As a sample, here’s a video that features the creation of several iconic figures, such as Darth Vader, Charmander, and a Darlek:

3D Printer Time-Lapse Videos 2. The "Hairy Lion"

The majestic beast, before and after hairstyling. Source: Ur3DPrints / YouTube

The Hairy Lion, by Thingiverse user Primoz Cepin (_primoz_), prints with a unique spiral pattern around its head, creating one of the most ubiquitous 3D models ever designed. Once completed, cut away the supports and style it with a heat gun for a real hair-raising model.

While several videos feature this popular lion, YouTube user Ur3DPrints produced a quick peek of its creation on the Flashforge Creator Pro. Using 0.12-mm layer heights with yellow PLA, the model speaks for itself in terms of quality results.

Although Ur3DPrints is not highly active through social media, their short and sweet videos are great for a quick escape from the mundane.

3D Printer Time-Lapse Videos 3. Compilation by Kickass 3D Prints

Maybe if he had learned to shoot... Source: Kickass 3D Prints / YouTube

Kickass 3D Prints is another group publishing compilations of very impressive models on YouTube. They use high-resolution photography and customized infill patterns to bring to life some of the most satisfying time-lapse videos with their Prusa i3.

These are featured as high-resolution videos with image and print head stabilization. After publishing over 20 videos with several social media processes, this group is worth a look. Take a peek and relax to the chill vibes of this artist’s presentation.

The compilation below features some iconic pop culture figures such as Marvel’s Groot and a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

3D Printer Time-Lapse Videos 4. The Incredible Hulk

What every kitchen table needs. Source: Diveen / Thingiverse

This time-lapse recording goes beyond the print and features the artist taking The Incredible Hulk to a new level with post-processing and airbrushing. Given how impressive it is, if you have the time to watch, we highly recommend this rendition of “Hulk Smash”!

The YouTube channel Filament Forge used their Wanhao D5S printer to create the model with standard PLA. The model was so large that they made it in six separate pieces, taking a whopping 160+ hours of print time!

Once the print had completed, they sanded, assembled, and used filler to smooth the model prior to painting. When it came time to color the model, Filament Forge used an airbrush to create the fantastic colors you see in the image. Lastly, to put the icing on the cake, the creators used denim material for the Hulk’s small amount of garb.

You can see our favorite dual personality superhero and the detailed process of bringing him to life here:

3D Printer Time-Lapse Videos 5. The Millenium Falcon

Prints in less than 12 parsecs. Source: GuntherS / Thingiverse

FDM printing is ideal for making time-lapse photography due to the large model sizes, open frame visibility, and ease of use. Nevertheless, here’s a video that utilizes an SLA printer to create extreme detail.

A highly active company in the maker community, Adafruit Industries used an Ember Printer and CMYK material to produce this 0.025-mm layer height wonder.

Despite its small size, the detail will blow you away:

Feature image source: Jackywashere / Thingiverse

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