Jan 9, 2019

3D Printed Phone Stand – 6 Best Curated Models

3D printing a phone stand is both fun and useful, so why not give it a go? Here are some of the best 3D printed phone stand models available to download.

Buying vs 3D Printing

A foldable 3D printed phone stand. Source: ClementCrd / MyMiniFactory

Sure, phone stands and charging docks can be purchased in a matter of seconds, while 3D printing them takes time and patience, but it’s not just about that.

Makers understand the pleasure that can be taken from designing and 3D printing objects, whether the models belong to them or to someone else. Additionally, 3D printing offers a much wider variety of designs, with the added benefit of customization.

A 3D printed phone stand is a perfect thing to print for 3D printing enthusiasts because it provides a bit of fun and is a useful item.

If you have the skill to model up your own phone stand, great! If you don’t, don’t worry — there are many free 3D models available on the internet. The following is a short list of our favorites!

1. Sleek 3D Printed Phone Stand

Like something from the future... Source: retep130 / Thingiverse

What is it? This phone stand features a classic, clean design. The stand supports most smartphones in both portrait and landscape orientations. Practical features are 4 indents on the phone’s base for silicone pads as well as a hole for the charging cable.

Who designed it? retep130

Who printed it? Apart from the designer, one other Thingiverse user has posted a make of this model. 

Where to find it? Thingiverse

2. Whale's Tail 3D Printed Phone Stand

Thar she charges! Source: Moby_Inc / Thingiverse

What is it? It’s a phone stand that mimics the logo of Moby Inc, which is a Seattle-based mobile app development company. Moby Inc originally designed the stand for their employees but later made it available for the public to download.

Who designed it? Moby_Inc

Who printed it? 37 Thingiverse users have posted makes of the Moby_Inc whale-like phone stand.

Where to find it? Thingiverse

3. Foldable 3D Printed Phone Stand

Inspired by lawn chairs! Source: ClementCrd / MyMiniFactory

What is it? It’s a 3D printed phone stand with a very practical accessory thanks to its foldable design.

Who designed it? ClementCrd

Who printed it? A few MyMiniFactory users have posted makes of this model using different filaments. 

Where to find it? MyMiniFactory

4. Minion 3D Printed Phone Stand

Poor guy -- looks like hard work. Source: DEKRO / Cults

What is it? A great and fun-looking 3D printed phone stand for everyone who loves the popular Minions. The stand supports all smartphones in both portrait and landscape orientations but lacks a hole for the charging cable.

Who designed it? DEKRO

Who printed it? The creator of this model 3D printed it himself and posted his make in the file description.

Where to find it? Cults

5. iPhone and Apple Watch 3D Printed Phone Stand

Don't worry, you can use a different color. Source: CyberJack / Thingiverse

What is it? This is a 3D printed charging station for both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. The stand has cable indents on the bottom to keep things tidy.

Who designed it? CyberJack

Who printed it? Eight Thingiverse users posted makes, some pictured with both the Apple Watch and the iPhone in place.

Where to find it? Thingiverse

6. Bucket Seat 3D Printed Phone Stand

Your phone is guaranteed to charge faster. (Probably) Source: DriftGaming.eu / MyMiniFactory

What is it? This is a phone stand made for car enthusiasts. It imitates the shape of a bucket seat from a race car. The stand is compatible with most smartphones and features a hole for the charging cable. If you own a bigger phone, like the iPhone 8 Plus, you may need to play around with scaling…

Who designed it? DriftGaming.eu

Who printed it? One user from MyMiniFactory 3D printed the stand and posted his make in the model description.

Where to find it? MyMiniFactory

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