Feb 9, 2019

3D Printed Dice – 7 Best Sites to Look for Them

3D printing has taken hold of many different industries, and the gaming world has not been left out. The craze for 3D-printed dice is only growing, so use the sites below for all your 3D printed dice needs!

What's the Deal with 3D Dice?

Some 3D printed dice come in two colors like this one. Source: Pinshape

Often, functional 3D prints are seen as complicated, time-consuming, and hard to achieve. However, 3D printed dice are both fully functional and simple.

As a result, they have come into high demand. Countless different models are available online, but it can be tricky to navigate them.

From foldable dice to metal ones, these sites offer thousands of quality models.


Thingiverse's massive community of makers produces many great dice models like these. Source: Rarelyevil / Thingiverse

Thingiverse, the most famous website for any 3D model, has hundreds of dice and accessories alone.

All the models are free, but they are not verified to be printable. As long as you stick to models that have pictures of the printed files, this is a powerful resource for dice files.

There is a large variety, from these classic six-sided dice to this set of faceted dice.


You can pick from countless models and materials on Shapeways to find the perfect dice. Source: Eondesigner / Shapeways

Even if you don’t have a printer of your own, you can still enjoy 3D printed dice through Shapeways.

They will print and ship any of their countless dice models for a fee. They offer a large variety of sizes and styles, with anywhere from three to one-hundred-sided dice.

They 3D print using professional grade machines capable of working in several types of metal.


Yeggi searches through countless online sources to show you all of your options. Source: Yeggi

If you have a specific design in mind, Yeggi is the place to look. It acts as a search engine for 3D printable models and plows through countless sites to show you all your choices.

Boasting almost two thousand 3D printable dice files, Yeggi is a great site for finding all sorts of different dice designs. It has the largest selection of all these sites, and as an added bonus, all files on this site are free.

Nearly ever die shape imaginable can be found on this site, though the sheer quantity can make it hard to find what you’re looking for.


These foldable dice from MyMiniFactory are one of many great models available. Source: Devon Montes / MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory is another very popular source for 3D files that has many dice models.

One of the best things about MyMiniFactory is that all of the files on their site a verified to be printable, so you will never have to waste your time trying to print a bad model. They have over 250 dice files with the guarantee of printability to chose from.

Here you can find many interesting models, like these dual-colored dice that allow you to use a single extruder printer to print complete dice in multiple colors.


This dice inside of dice design is one of the many strange yet amazing dice models on CGTrader. Source: Intentional3D / CGTrader

The Lithuanian 3D graphic design company CGTrader is a great place for top-notch models.

They offer 243 unique, free models to chose from, and they also offer premium files. These tend to be more expensive than paid files from other sites, but they make up for it in quality.

They have many different dice, with varying styles, shapes, and sizes, so if you’re looking for something more complex or artistic, this is a great place to start.


This full set of dice on Pinshape is great for anyone wanting simple and classic dice. Source: Quadfrog / Pinshape

If you’re looking for a full set of simple dice, then Pinshape is for you.

They offer a large selection of die files, some free and others for a price.

This dice set by user quadfrog contains seven different dice with basic styles, and while the files do cost money, it is a great starting point for any 3D printed dice enthusiast.


This dual colored dice set is one of many high quality models on Cults. Source: GCreate / Cults

Yet another great source for 3D printable dice is Cults.

Like Thingiverse, Cults is a community of makers who upload their own files, though they are slightly different. They have a more limited selection of under 100 dice files, but quality is valued over quantity here.

In addition, all of their models are free of charge. You’re sure to find great 3D printable dice on any of these sites!

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