May 9, 2019

3D Printed Candy – 5 Best Places to Buy It

Get ready for your mouth to water, because 3D printed candy is coming to a sweet shop near you.

3D Printed Candy Imagination Turned Reality

3D printed sugar is so much more fun than plain old sugar! Source: Dailymail

3D printed candy. It seems like a concept plucked from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” but it’s actually a very real thing. And with the rise of edible 3D printing, it’s going to be more commonplace than you think.

Want a piece of this sweet action? Check out this list to see where you can taste the latest tech craze for yourself!


3D Printed Candy Dylan's Candy Bar

Just a few of the gummy candies available. Source:

Best known for its outrageously massive array of confections and elaborate treats, Dylan’s Candy Bar adopted 3D printed candy in 2016. Thanks to a partnership with the Magic Candy Factory, the shop boasts fully-customizable 3D printed gummy candy that’s ready-to-eat in less than 5 minutes.

You can snap a selfie or choose from a preexisting selection of printable images. Select your desired flavor and color for only $20 in stores, with five locations in New York, Union Square, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It’s your best bet to get your hands on 3D printed sweets!


3D Printed Candy Magic Candy Factory

The company logo printed into gummy candy. Source: 3DPrint

The Magic Candy Factory is the tech behind Dylan’s Candy Bar, but the sweet treats aren’t limited to stores! Through their website, you can rent their 3D printing services for your next event. This is could be a perfectly sweet addition to your next corporate event, wedding, birthday party, or any celebration. It’ll certainly wow your guests!


3D Printed Candy Bulk Candy Store

An example of the capabilities of a 3D candy printer - a selfie gummie! Source: Carline Jean / Sun Sentinel

Along the same vein, Bulk Candy Store sells the same 3D printed gummies. They have 4 flavors, the process takes roughly 10 minutes, and the final product consists of 2-3 layers. Don’t live in West Palm Beach, FL? No problem! The gummies are available for purchase through their website,, making it easily accessible no matter where you are! 


3D Printed Candy Miam Factory

Miam Factory's attention to detail is impressive. Source: Francois Lenoir / REUTERS

Gummy candy not really your thing? 3D printed chocolate is an option, too! Miam Factory has the ability to do what the Magic Candy Factory’s gummy printer does, but with rich, creamy chocolate. They are renowned for their exquisite detail and accuracy, and their chocolates are available for purchase through their website,


3D Printed Candy Choc Edge

One of the many chocolate templates available to print. Source: Chocedge

Want to make your own 3D printed chocolate? Choc Edge has you covered. Their Choc Creator printer is the cocoa version of the Magic Candy Factory’s gummy printer, and is capable of creating precise, beautiful chocolate sculptures. Retailing for $1,943.55, the Choc Creator might have a hefty price tag, but a look at its capabilities justify that price! You can buy it for your personal use or for your business on their website:

3D Printed Candy Honorable Mention: SugarLab

A glimpse at the beginning of 3D printed hard candy. Source: Gawkerassets

While no longer in business, SugarLab was known for its bold vision and vivid, geometric sugary sweets. Originally a startup in California, they boasted candies in flavors like peppermint and sour apple before the company came to an uncertain end. Though SugarLab is no longer operating, hard candies are sure to join the 3D printed candy game eventually.

3D Printed Candy A Sweet Look at the Future of Sweet Shops

What candies do you want to see 3D printed? Source: Dylan's Candy Bar

The confection industry is just getting started, 3D printing our favorite candies. But until they become more mainstream, we hope you’ll enjoy the 3D printed candy these shops and 3D printers have to offer!

Feature image source: WonderfulEngineering

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