Feb 8, 2019

3D Pen Art – The Most Amazing 3D Pen Creations in 2019

3D pen art is an underappreciated medium, but that doesn't stop these talented artists! Here are some of the most amazing 3D pen creations on the internet.

What is 3D Pen Art?

The Tipeye 3D pen. Source: Wirecutter

3D pens condense the idea of a 3D printer into a single pen. Instead of machine code dictating what design is 3D printed, a 3D pen is directly controlled by the artist. It’s been likened to drawing, but in three dimensions rather than two.

Plastic filament is stored in the pen. At the press of a button, the filament is melted and goes out the tip, allowing you to draw and doodle to your heart’s desire. The melted filament cools very quickly in air, making it easier to extrude in three dimensions. Read our 3D pen guide to see what which brand we think is best.

The good thing about 3D pens is that they’re a unique form of 3D printing and super fun to play with. However, they’re notoriously hard to control finely, especially if you’re trying to draw in thin air. Easy to learn, but hard to master.

That’s what makes these 3D pen creations all the more impressive – read on to learn more!

1. Pickett the Bowtruckle

Cute is an understatement. Source: 3D Pen Lab

This adorable bowtruckle from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was created by YouTuber 3D Pen Lab.

It’s hard to believe that everything was created using a 3D pen – even the rock and trunk he poses with! It’s especially impressive how smooth the sculpture is, as well as the subtle colorations the artist was able to pull off. Clearly, a lot of artistry and technique went into the piece. 3D Pen Lab elevates 3D pens from a cool toy to a form of art.

If you’re curious to see how this sculpture was made from start to finish, check out their video capturing the process.

2. Reimagined Classical Art

Dante and Virgilo in Paradise. Source: Hector Lara Pino

3D pen artist Hector Lara Pino is putting a new spin on classical paintings.

Distinctive gold highlights and the solid lines of the 3D pen combine to give his pieces an instantly recognizable style. The mostly black and white art has an interesting geometric feel to them, which makes these 3D pen creations pretty unique.

Check out more of his art on the Lix art marketplace, where many of his pieces are up for sale.

3. 3D Umbrella Light

This umbrella lamp can throw some serious shade. Source: LIX Pen

This 3D pen umbrella light was created by LIX Pen using their LIX Pen UV.

The whole structure (except for the lightbulb, of course) was created with a 3D pen. This creation is interesting because it’s a piece of art that also serves a purpose around the house. The lampshade is especially intricate, though it’s hard to see from far away. What other ways can you imagine 3D pen art being put to good use?

Check out their video tutorial on how it was made to see how it looks up close!

4. Haku the Dragon

Haku, from Spirited Away. Source: Sequena3D

If you’ve ever watched Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, you probably remember Haku, Chihiro’s friend who turns into a dragon. Selina, an artist from Germany, whose YouTube channel, Sequena, is dedicated to her art, recreated Haku using a 3D pen.

This 12-inch long model took an impressive 18 hours over the span of a week to complete. From each toe to his majestic whiskers, the artist shows a dedication to detail that pays off in the final result. They also take advantage of the 3D pen medium to better recreate the dragon’s scaly skin. All in all, it’s a great piece of art!

5. FLEXY 3D Pen Dress

The artist pictured with his wearable creation. Source: Patrick Tai

Why not wear it? Patrick Tai, a high-end fashion designer, landed on the idea of using 3D pens to create a dress as he was searching for a unique look.

It took some experimentation, but in the end he used FLEXY, a special type of flexible filament for 3D pens, to make a set of wearable dresses.

“My inspiration comes from geometric shapes, modern architecture, and unique textures,” Tai says, “I want the texture of my garments to reflect my inspiration.”

Since then, he’s used his 3D pen to create other fashion items such as pins, cuffs, or earrings. He certainly found what he was looking for: these designs are one-of-a-kind.

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