Dec 5, 2018

Zortrax Apoller Smart Vapor Smoothing Device – Review the Specs

Engineered to smooth 3D prints to the point of being indistinguishable from injection molded parts, the Zortrax Apoller is a smart new device for professional print post-processing. Join us as we review all we know about this spiffy new desktop device.

Debuted at formnext, Europe’s largest additive manufacturing trade show, the Zortrax Apoller is a smart vapor smoothing device — the first of its kind from Polish 3D printer manufacturer, Zortrax.

Designed for the sole purpose of post-processing prints produced on Zortrax’s range of fused deposition modeling 3D printers, the Apoller joins a rapidly growing product range that includes the also-new Inkspire resin 3D printer.

Zortrax claims that prints vapor-smoothed using the Apoller take on the appearance of injection-molded parts — both glossy and matte, depending on which of the company’s materials was used to print the object.

Join us, as we review the specs and comment on the features of the Zortrax Apoller smart vapor smoothing device.

Zortrax Apoller – Review the Specs Features

Zortrax claims that the Apoller smart vapor smoothing device is the “next step in additive manufacturing”. Certainly, we’re inclined to agree with them that the finishing of FDM 3D printed models to a visual standard that’s widely accepted as a next step. Indeed, besides the Polysher by Polymaker, no other consumer solution for processing FDM prints in such a way springs to mind.

Arguably it is a niche market to move into, but it is one that lines up perfectly with their existing offering of 3D printers. Zortrax’s printers handle ABS and other temperature sensitive materials exceptionally well — mostly materials that react positively to vapor smoothing.

The Apoller works using Zortrax’s proprietary SVS technology. Essentially, by evaporating a solvent — namely, acetone or butanone — which condenses on the surface of prints, the Apoller superficially melts the outer shell, smoothing away the layer lines before a heating procedure dries the print and recondenses the remaining solvent vapor back into the tank for reuse.

The marketing materials for the Zortrax Apoller states that the machine works on ABS, ASA, and HIPS, including the company’s Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-ASA Pro and Z-HIPS materials. Depending on the material used, the results of vapor smoothing can be different, resulting in glossy or matte finishes.

A number of systems are in place to protect the user from the solvent, including a double seal that separates the active smoothing environment from the user, plus electromagnetic redundancy locks that activate in such a situation as a power cut. In all Zortrax has endeavored to create an enterprise-worthy solution for print finishing befitting the quality of its 3D printers.

Given the potentially explosive nature of solvent vapors, Zortrax built the Apoller to meet the standards required by the ATEX 2014/34/EU directive, which protects against potentially explosive atmospheres.

In addition to the above safety measures, the Apoller features an intuitive touch interface and an advanced vacuum system for locking in vaporized solvents. WiFi and Ethernet connectivity round the device out as a capable machine for the office environment.

Zortrax Apoller – Review the Specs Technical Specifications

  • Smoothing chamber is 300 x 250 x 250mm.
  • Works with butanone (MEK) and acetone.
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Smooths Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-ASA Pro, and Z-HIPS prints.
  • Also smooths3rd party ABS, ASA, and HIPS.
  • Advanced vapor circulation system.
  • Maximal working temperature is set at 90° C (194°F).
  • Minimal working temperature is as low as -20° C (-4°F).
  • Minimal absolute working pressure is set at 0.4 bar.
  • Safety systems meet the standard required by the EU ATEX Directive.

Zortrax Apoller – Review the Specs Where to Buy

As the Apoller Smart Vapor Smoothing desktop device hasn’t been officially launched yet. You can register your interest in the machine on the Zortrax website.

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