Featured image of [Project] 3D Printed Quick-Grip Trigger Clamp

[Project] 3D Printed Quick-Grip Trigger Clamp

May 5, 2019 by Tyler Koslow

Need some Quick-Grip clamps for your next DIY project? Forget the hardware store. You can 3D print a functional Quick-Grip trigger clamp with just a couple of springs. Find out how!


Any properly stocked DIY workshop should contain at least a few pairs of Quick-Grip clamps. It’s a unique looking contraption that has a trigger, each squeeze of which tightens the grip of the clamps.

This simple, yet effective workshop tool is used to apply pressure and secure wooden parts in place while they’re being secured together with glue. Using a spring-powered trigger mechanism, makers are able to clamp down on parts with one hand by pressing down on the trigger, as well as quick release the clamps once the adhesive process is complete.

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You can find these clamps at your local hardware store or online, but where’s the fun in that?

Instead, how about 3D printing your own set of functional 3D printed Quick-Grip Trigger Clamps, courtesy of the Bay Area-based designer and maker Arron Mollet. This 3D printing project, shared on Thingiverse, is ideal for any DIYer looking to have some fun and bolster the collection of tools in their workshop.

Let’s take a closer look at this simple and useful 3D printing project.


3D Printed Quick-Grip Trigger Clamp What You Need & How to Build it

The STL files for this 3D printed clamp can be downloaded from Thingiverse. There are seven different parts, which the designer created on Fusion 360 and, in his own example, 3D printed on a Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer.

On the project page, Mollet laid out suggestions for each section of the Quick-Grip Trigger Clamp.

The clamp body and clamp end should be printed with support structures, especially if they’re being 3D printed together at the same time. Adding a brim will also help ensure a successful print. For the pump handle, it should be oriented vertically and upside-down in the 3D printing slicer. Ensure that the circular pivot part on the print bed surface.

The trigger release, clamp bracket, and shaft can all be printed together – unless you want to use different filament colors for each. Both the shaft and clamp bracket should be laying flat with the Trigger Release is on the edge.  You’ll also need to make two of the clamp grips, which can be printed together.

The springs needed to make the trigger mechanism functional can be purchased in a set from Amazon. If you decide to go with this particular kit, you should be able to build six of the Quick-Grip Trigger Clamp tools. The spring for the release trigger (0.035″x0.25″x0.5) and spring for the clamp trigger (0.041″x0.437″x1.062″) are both included in the kit.

Assembly is easy, just look at the photo below and arrange each part accordingly. As you can see in the designer’s own example, some of the 3D printed parts are printed in different color materials, making the assembly process easier and the final product more aesthetically pleasing.

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