May 6, 2018

20 Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less)

Massively complicated print jobs that need 48 hours to complete? Forget about it! Here are 20 fun things to 3D print in an hour (or less).

We’re all busy people. Sometimes we haven’t the time to wait for days and days before a print job is finished. And worse still if the print job gets all futzed up at the eleventh hour, and you have to start all over again.

No. Sometimes, we just want to print something just for fun, something which won’t take longer than an hour. Here are 14 fun things to print that are so simple, they’ll be finished in 60 minutes or less.

These timings have been checked for accuracy on an Original Prusa i3 MK3, but keep in mind that some 3D printers will perform faster than others, and you’ll probably have tweaked your machine for your own optimal speeds and settings.

To stay within our self-imposed parameters, the majority of these items should be printed at 200 microns with 20% infill, except where specified otherwise.

Fun Things to 3D Print in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Browse this list of fun things to 3D print for inspiration and ideas. Go ahead, take your time, we’ll be here when you get back.
  2. Download the STL file for your chosen model. Click on the link to take you to the site where the files are hosted, and you can download them absolutely free. Please note that some sites may require registration before you can download.
  3. Slice the STL file to prepare it for 3D printing. Whether you use an open source application like Cura or a paid solution like Simplify3D, slicing is a critical step for the quality of your model. Open the STL file and tinker with settings like infill, layer height, and supports.
  4. Convert the STL file into GCode after you’re done slicing. Save the GCode and upload it to your 3D printer, either using a USB cable, an SD card, or a network connection. Now get printing!
  5. Alternatively, use a Service if you don’t have access to a 3D printer. Simply upload the STL files to All3DP’s Best Price 3D Printing Service to have any of these cool things 3D printed.

Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Flexi Rex

Flexi Rex has a convoluted history. He was originally conceived as a drop-in enhancement for the legendary board-game “Settlers of Catan”. Designed by Zheng3, the original Robber Rex was a humorous little model. Now through a series of remixes, we have the Flexi Rex, which adds links to make him bendable, posable. You can also print Flexi Rex in two colors using a dual-extrusion 3D printer, though that will lengthen your production times.

Who made it: Alexander Thomas

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Proteus Key Holder

This is a key holder in the style of a Swiss Army penknife. Simply print each half and then assemble together with your keys using a set of nuts and bolts. For this particular project, it’s recommended that you raise the infill to 75% minimum. That will increase the print time past the 1 hour threshold we’ve set ourselves, but you can definitely fabricate a sample model with lower infill in under an hour.

Who made it: Protean Man

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) 3DBenchy

The jolly 3D printing torture test is totally worthy of inclusion here. Not only is it a pretty little steamboat, it’s also been carefully designed to test and calibrate the settings on your 3D printer. We’re literally drowning in them here at ALL3DP, because they’re so reliable for quickly assessing the capabilities of the 3D printers that come into our workshop for review.

Who made it: CreativeTools

Where to download:  YouMagine


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) V29 Survival Whistle

Make some noooooooize with this 3D printed whistle. It emits a pitch of 118db! Suitable for use by lifeguards, traffic cops, school teachers, and party animals. It takes about an hour and a half printed with the recommended 100% infill at 200 microns. But you can further reduce the print time by printing it at 300 microns instead.

Who made it: Joe Zisa

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Sunglasses Visor Clip

A simple but effective life hack for stashing your sunnies out of harm’s way in your car. This 3D printed clip is in the shape of a “U” and attaches to the sun visor, with an open loop to hold the arms of the sunglasses. Quick, simple, and clever. We like!

Who made it: Trevor Long

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Earbud Case

Those precious ear-buds need better care than being stuffed into your bag or pocket, where it might crash into coins, keys and lint and come off the worse for wear. Print off this excellent little spool design, which protects the jack and phones, whilst keeping the cord free of tangles.

Who made it: Walter Hsiao

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Strong Carabiner

This is a ultra useful item to 3D print, a carabiner with a strong frame and a flex door design which uses a split hinge to open and close. It prints quick and easy with no supports; simply arrange two items on the single build tray. But while this carabiner is capable of carrying loads of up to 30kg, it’s not suitable for use in activities such as climbing. Absolutely no way should you even think about doing that.

Who made it: Brian Kay

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Turbine Faucet Watersaver

Eh, we can’t say with certainty that this dinky little turbine is going to help you save on your water bills. But what it will deliver is a neat sprinkler effect, dispersing the water in a wide arc so that you can clean your dishes/hands/whatever more quickly.

Who made it: Luis Gonzalez

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Cable Holder

Keeping wires and cables out of harms way is a problem experienced by every modern desk jockey. This nifty cable holder is the solution. It comes in three variations; one sized for smartphone cabes, one standard for fixing in place, and another that can be weighed down with coins.

Who made it: Bardia Zadeh

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Micro Catapult

This is a great little toy for the office or classroom; a print-in-place micro catapult which can lob tiny nuggets of ammo. The maker reckons it can hit targets up to two meters away. The smart feature is that you can lock the catapult in place until you’ve loaded it up and are ready to fire. The “spring” mechanism relies on the flexibility of the material. In those terms, a less brittle filament like ABS or PETG is most suitable.

Who made it: Luke Tansell

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Credit Card Cutlery

Let’s imagine you want to spontaneously chow down on a big plate of currywurst and chips. No cutlery? No problem, whip out these credit card sized utensils from your wallet, press out the knife and fork, and enjoy your meal. Also comes with a spork variation, so you have all your bases covered.

Standard caveats about 3D printing and food apply. Firstly, fabricate with a non-toxic filament like PLA or PETG to avoid contaminating your food. Secondly, this is an item designed for single use only. Microbes have a habit of getting stuck in the tiny crevices between layers.

Who made it: Mike Fasig

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Keychain Smartphone Stand

This is a small, practical and funky keychain that doubles as a stand for your smartphone. Available as one of six different creatures, ranging from a dragon to a hippo to cat, this is a model that’s incredibly easy to make in an hour or less.

Who made it: Sonia Verdu

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Shark Comb

Coif your locks into a towering sharknado with this snazzy grooming tool. But what if you have shoulder-length hair? You’re gonna need a bigger comb.

Who made it: Faberdashery

Where to download: YouMagine


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Spirograph Set

Relive those distant memories of childhood — or create fresh ones with your little ones — with this fun toy for drawing geometric figures. Simple to print, but guaranteed hours of fun. Biro pen and paper not included.

Who made it: Valdis Torms

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Simple Toothpaste Squeezer

Moving to the bathroom, this item is perhaps the most useful thing on this list. And the quickest to make. It’s a simple toothpaste squeezer, maximizing your dental hygiene to its fullest potential. Also, don’t forget to floss.

Who made it: Randall Smith

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) One Hand Book Holder

If you happen to be grappling with A Song of Ice and Fire — or some other monster tome — then you’re going to need some help keeping those pages propped open. Enter the one hand book holder, an uncomplicated solution made possible through the miraculous wizardry of 3D printing. Signal the banner-men for House Filament!

Who made it: Daniel Gross

Where to download: Thingiverse


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Smart One Handed Bottle Opener

Trying to improve on the basic design of a bottle opener is a favorite pastime of the maker scene. Case in point is this one handed bottle opener. Because, hey, using two hands to open that beer is one hand too many.

Who made it: Tino Kaartovuori

Where to download:  YouMagine


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Book Owls

Another quick 3D printing project for lovers of literary pursuits are these owl-shaped book marks. Comes in two sizes (for big books and little books). Whether the tale is filled with characters fair or fowl, these items will leave readers hooting with pleasure.

Who made it: Faberdashery

Where to download: YouMagine


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Men's Wallet

This is a collection of wallets with geometric patterns and branding, each of which can be individually customized or resized. The clever thing is that each wallet is printed flat, as a single sheet, which can then be folded into shape.

Who made it: XYZWorkshop

Where to download: YouMagine


Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less) Touring Bike Business Card

After you’ve printed a wallet, queue up this business card next. Why? Because it’s a miniature clip-out model card of a touring bike. Fits perfectly inside your new wallet, ready to amaze and delight your friends.

Who made it: katsuhiko kikkawa

Where to download: Thingiverse Download.

Image credits: All images copyright their respective owners.

License: The text of "20 Fun Things to 3D Print in an Hour (or Less)" by All3DP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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