Feb 19, 2018

30 RetroPie Gaming Raspberry Pi Cases to 3D Print

Check out 30 great RetroPie cases for Raspberry Pi to 3D print, including console, portable & handheld cases: Nintendo NES, SNES, Gameboy, Playstation, PSP, and more.

Sometimes playing classics is just perfect. Remember the joy of completing your first “The Legend of Zelda”? Getting scared sh*tless while playing “Resident Evil”? Endless hours of fun with your friends and “Mario Kart”? Or do the games “The Last Ninja”, “Elite” or “Maniac Mansion” ring a bell?


So, do you really need the old consoles and computers to play the greatest classic games again? Nah, you don’t. If you own a Raspberry Pi, you can turn it into a retro gaming station using the Retropie emulator.

Of course, a Raspberry Pi doesn’t look like the real thing. Also, it’s a delicate circuit board should be covered to prevent short circuits. Thanks to 3D printing, you don‘t have to buy an extra case. We’ve picked the best-looking, most glorious 3D printable Retropie Raspberry Pi cases we could find. Just download the 3D print files for free, 3D print them and enjoy.

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30 RetroPie Gaming Raspberry Pi Cases to 3D Print

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RetroPie Case GameBoy Nano (Raspberry Pi Handheld Console)

What is this? The Game Boy Nano is one of the cutest designs on this list. It runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero. The design should easily into your pocket, as it measures just 6.9cm x 4.8cm x 2.7cm. The 1,5-inch Adafruit OLED screen and the controls are tiny, so better check on a matchbox if your fingers aren’t too big for the design. But you can even connect it to a TV or monitor with an HDMI cable.

Who made this RetroPie case? Again, this design was made by Rasmus Hauschild from Denmark. More info on Rasmus here.

Where can I get it? You can find all the project details over on Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case PiGRRL 2 (Gameboy Raspberry Pi Handheld Case)

What is this? Wait… is that a regular Game Boy? Not quite, it’s PiGRRL 2, the successor of the popular PiGRRL case. It has a bigger screen, a better buttons layout, is easier to build and has several other improvements. You’ll love it.

Who made this RetroPie case? Adafruit.

What can it do? It emulates almost every classic console, from NES, SNES, Sega Master System – just what you wish for. Free downloads for this RetroPie Case can be found at Thingiverse; instructions at Adafruit.


RetroPie Case PiStation (PlayStation Raspberry Pi Handheld Case)

What is this? Give your RetroPie gaming console a unique styling with this PlayStation inspired case. Classy classic.

Who made this RetroPie case? Jordan Hample

What can it do? It should look perfect beside your TV. All you need is a good controller and an emulator. Download and instructions for this RetroPie Case are available for free on Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case Pi-Boy Classic (Gameboy Raspberry Pi Handheld Case)

What is this RetroPie case? A classic two-part GameBoy case for the Raspberry Pi. The design is quite unusual.

Who made it? Jooxoe3i.

What can it do? Emulate your old favorite video games. This model has no batteries, so you need to power it with a phone charger or USB cable. Instructions for this RetroPie case available for free at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case Raspberry Pi Portable Game Station (Raspberry Pi Handheld Console)

What is this? A modern interpretation of classic Game Boy Case, perfect for your Raspberry Pi retro gaming.

Who made this RetroPie case? Rasmus Hauschild is a 17-year-old tinkerer from Denmark. He just finished his Portable Raspberry Pi game console with an amazing 3D-printed Case and D-Pad. More info on Rasmus Hauschild here.

Where can I get it? You can find all the project details over on Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case PiGGRL (Gameboy Raspberry Pi Handheld Case)

What is this? This is PiGRRL, a DIY Gameboy. Look at it next to the new Pocket Pi GRRL: half the size, but just as powerful, with all sorts of retro games.

What can this RetroPie case do? It was designed and made by Adafruit. Here is a complete tutorial with many images so you can build one. We especially love the super slick portable design.

Who made it? The Ruiz Brothers. Download the instructions for this RetroPie Case here.


Retropi Case Mini Commodore C64 (Raspberry Pi 3 Case)

What is this? The 80ies weren’t all about video games, in fact, home computers were even more popular for a while. Especially the Commodore C64 opened a door for many people getting into computing – and gaming, of course.

What can this RetroPie case do? A Raspberry Pi 3 can emulate pretty much anything, and the Commodore C64 is no exception. Play, code, use it as a SID radio station. The print isn’t very demanding. You also need four screws for assembly.

Who made it? Freakadude. Download the files and instructions for this RetroPie Case from Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case Raspberry Pi Portable (Raspberry Pi Game Console)

What is this? A portable Pi gaming device with a laser-cut front plate.

What can this RetroPie case do? Emulate your old favorite video games, of course. It is not totally easy to build, and you you will need some additional components to your Raspberry Pi, though:

Who made it? Benjamin J Heckendorn. Instructions for this RetroPie Case can be found at the Ben Heck show and Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case PiStation Portable (PSP Raspberry Pi Retro Case)

What is this? This handheld device is called PiStation Portable, which, of course, is a reminiscence to the great PlayStation Portable (PSP).

What can this RetroPie emulator do? It emulates a bunch of video games, of course. The layout of the buttons makes it a great emulator for consoles like the Lynx or even the PlayStation Portable.

Who made it? Andrew Lindsey. Find the files and instructions for this RetroPie Case at Thingiverse.this


RetroPie Case The Arcade Cabinet (Raspberry Pi Game Console Case)

What is this? An classic arcade cabinet for your Raspberry Pi. Not an easy task to build, though.

Who made this RetroPie case? Thingiverse User Malopezn is a big fan of the arcade retro gaming culture. So what else could he do but design and print this epic Arcade Cabinet including an old-school joystick and buttons? Although it’s not exactly portable, this wonderful project wins the title “King of Retro”. We suggest printing one with Wooden Filament to make it even more awesome.

Where can you get it? The design files are free on Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case The Pi-Cade (Raspberry Pi Game Console Case)

What is this? The Pi-Cade is a completely 3D printed arcade cabinet built for the Raspberry Pi 2.

Who made thisRetroPie case? Tim Belcher.

What’s special? With a 7-inch screen, real arcade controls, an amplifier and 3-inch stereo speakers, this cabinet is the perfect size for a desktop arcade!

Where can I get it? Over at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer Case

What is this RetroPie case? A full-fledged Raspberry Pi to go- with a full keyboard and 10 hours of battery life. It isn’t modeled after something.

Who made it? PARTSpeople.

What can it do? Anything you can do with a Raspberry-based PC. Which doesn’t exclude many things. This build even has a SSD included so you can store a lot of data.

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: Available for free at PARTSpeople.


RetroPie Case Super Game PiSP (PSP Raspberry Pi Retro Case)

What is this RetroPie case? It’s a 3D printed retro gaming Raspberry Pi case, based loosely on the PlayStation Portable PSP.

What can it do? It’s a derivate of Adafruit’s Super Game Pi, packed into a 3D printed case looking like a PSP.

Who made it? Cara McNab.

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: You can download it at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case Super Game Pi (Raspberry Pi SNES Case)

What is this RetroPie case? This project comes from Adafruit itself. It looks a bit heavy, but it’s fun to play on it. This DIY gadget has 12 buttons, an analog joystick, stereo speakers and a 5” HDMI display. You’ll use Raspberry Pi A+ and RetroPie image.

What can it do? Give you back those childhood memories (after a good deal of tinkering).

Who made it? Adafruit.

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: You can download the 3D printing files at Thingiverse and follow this link to the schematics at Adafruit.


RetroPie Case PortaBerry Pi Ultra (Raspberry Pi Portable Game Emulator)

What is this RetroPie case? A great portable case for retro games.

What can it do? This project has been remixed several times, so look at the fork you’re interested in. An excellent set of instructions/schematic for this project which can be found here.

Who made it? 3Derp.

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: You find everything at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case NinTastic (Raspberry Pi NES Game Console Case)

What is this RetroPie case? A printable Raspberry Pi case for anyone who starts to get into 3D printing. The case consists of just three parts that easily snap together. Doesn’t look exactly like Nintendo’s NES classic edition, but it will do nicely.

What can it do? Basically, it fulfills your retro gaming needs.

Who made it? Francis Brown.

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: All the files and detailed instructions are at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case Mini Arcade (Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet Case)

What is this RetroPie case? It’s the gadget you always wanted as a kid – it looks a bit like the star of an old radio shack catalog from the Eighties. Beware: You need some serious tinkering skills if you want to build this one.

What can it do? The Raspberry Pi arcade gaming cabinet comes with a 7″ display and a suitable shield for button management. The front panel is backlight; the whole system is powered by 5VDC/2A switching power supply. All sides of the cabinet were made with a 3D printer.

Who made it? Gabriele Daghetta.

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: All the data on Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case RetroPi TV (Case for LCD Screen)

What is this RetroPie case? It’s a stylish 3d printable case for a 3.5″ LCD screen. The frame was laser-cut from stained birch, but you can also 3D print it.

What can it do? Its adorable design will keep you glued to this tiny screen while you keep trying to archive high score in Tetris.

Who made it? Johannes.

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case RetroPi Gaming Station (Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Case)

What is this RetroPie case? It’s the big one; it has roughly the size of a GameCube. With this 3D printable RetroPi Case, you have enough space to connect several controllers, a keyboard, joysticks… you name it. It comes in two flavors: one for the Raspberry Pi and one for the Raspberry Pi B+.

What can it do? It’s the right way of connecting all your old controllers, install RetroPi and have some great gaming weekends.

Who made it? Erik Petterson.

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse.

note: not for B+


RetroPie Case Mod your SNES (SNES Raspberry Pi Case)

What is this RetroPie case? If you happen to have an old SNES around, you can modify it to house a Raspberry Pi. This is a port plate for the American SNES with port holes specifically for the Raspberry Pi 2.

What can it do? Whatever you want. We’d think of it as a perfect disguise for your retro-gaming station. Think about playing Sonic on a system which once belonged exclusively to Mario.

Who made it? Xander Guzman

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case PlayStation with Raspberry Pi 3 (Retro Gaming Emulation Station)

What is this RetroPie case? Got a broken Playstation in the attic? So download and 3D print these files, open the original Playstation and remove all broken parts. Now you have plenty of room for your Raspberry Pi Retropie gaming station.

What can it do? Pretty much the same as every retro gaming station. But with this mod, you can use up to four USB controllers. So nothing stands between you and a nice afternoon of “Bomberman”.

Who made it? Andreas Jabs.

Download: Available for download at Thingiverse. More information (in German) here.


RetroPie Case PieBoy (Retro Game Console Case)

What is this RetroPie case? This portable retro game console isn’t complicated to build. It just consists of two parts to 3D print. Also, you need an old SNES controller. Maker Melawis501 designed “this Raspberry Pi retro handheld gaming console from scratch because I cannot find the specific ready-made case for all my needed parts for my personal Retropie console project. The printed case came out good and fit every part just nicely. And I’m really enjoying playing all those retro games from SNES and Game-Boy Advance.”

What can it do? Thanks to a pro battery pack, you can take it on the road and play your favorite games.

Download: Available for download at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case RaspBMO (Raspberry Pi Handheld Console)

What is this RetroPie case? A nice big screen, a powerful battery pack, stereo speakers, and a fully 3D printed Raspberry Pi case – this is a great weekend project. Even the buttons are 3D printed! But beware, you need some building and soldering experience if you want to build this.

What can it do? It’s a great gaming device “on the go”.

Who made it? 3Derp.

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case BabyNES (Retro NES Console)

What is this RetroPie case? This is a stylish Raspberry Pi NES case for the B+ and Model B. It is based on the Nintastic design, but was completely re-designed from scratch. When it comes to 3D printed Raspberry Pi cases, it’s one of the easier ones.

What can it do? You can use it with wired controllers, but also with wireless models like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4 wireless controllers.

Who made it? Jeff Rebeiro.

Download: Available for download at Thingiverse.


RetroPie case Pi64 (Mini N64 RetroPie case)

What is this RetroPie case? It’s an excellent looking representation of the classic N64 case. It‘s built to house a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. One nice detail: As the modules were inserted into the N64 from the top, you can also do this with your SD card.

What can it do? After 3D printing, assembling and painting the case, you can play start your emulator and venture into the blocky realms of 16-bit gaming history.

Who made it? Evan Huff

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse.


RetroPie case NES Controller (RetroPie Zero Case)

What is this? This RetroPie case is made from a classic NES controller, some additional 3D prints, and a Raspberry Pi Zero.

What’s special about this RetroPie case? It looks cool, right?

Who made it? Brandon Fesser.

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse. More instructions here.


RetroPie case Pac-Man Ghost (Retropie Case)

What is this? This RetroPie case can be printed in the colors resembling Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. It holds a Raspberry Pi Model 3.

What’s special about this RetroPie case? It’s a reminiscence to Pac-Man, obviously. Also, it’s in a nice 8-bit style.

Who made it? Marcin Majkowski.

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse.


Retropie Case GameCube Pi Classic (Classic Nintendo Case)

What is this? Since Nintendo is making mini versions of their classic consoles, makers have thought up new consoles that could be shrunk to Raspberry Pi measurements. The GameCube case has been made to fit a Raspberry Pi B+, meaning you could easily turn it in to a Retropie console as well.

What’s special about this RetroPie case? This should be a fun and easy print as well, with even moderate settings it should only take a day or two of printing until it can be assembled.

Who made it? Sparrow89.

Download: Available for free at Thingiverse.


RetroPie Case MiniNES (Retro NES Console)

What is this RetroPie case? This Raspberry Pi NES case gets pretty close to the real thing. It even has a flip-top lid for 3D printed cartridges with NFC chips. If you insert a cartridge in the Raspberry Pi NES case, the computer starts the game accordingly – pretty nifty. We have more information in this article on the Mini NES.

What can it do? It comes pretty close to what Nintendo offers with the “NES Classic Edition”.

Download: Best follow this link for the download and detailed instructions.


RetroPie Case Mini Space Invaders DIY (RetroPie Arcade Case)

What is this RetroPie case? Maker tiburcio from Santiago was restoring a classic “Space Invaders” arcade cabinet for his kids. When finished, he realized the original cabinet was way too big and bulky for his little kids to play. Do he decided to do a scaled-down version using a 5.5 inch CTR black and white TV, a laser cutter and self-designed 3D printed parts. You find more information on how to build this marvelous Raspberry Pi retro gaming case right here.

He did a second retropie game case for the arcade classic Galaga, by the way.

What can it do? It’s designed to look like a mini-me version of the original arcade cabinet, but you sure can use it as a Raspberry Pi retropie case and play any classic arcade game you want.

Download: The design is available for free at Thingiverse.

RetroPie Case Bonus #1 Mini Nintendo R.O.B. (3D Printed Replica)

What is this RetroPie case? Nintendo’s “Robotic Operating Buddy” is one of the most sought-after NES accessories. The gyro operated robot was published in 1985, but only the two games (“Gyromite” and “Stack-up”) supported R.O.B.

What can it do? This isn’t a Raspberry Pi NES case, but this little model is posable – adjust the shoulder height, head angle, and swivel the arms. Print this one out in US or Japanese colors, or get creative!

Who made it? Dave Nunez

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: Download from Thingiverse.

RetroPie Case Bonus #2 Han Solo in Carbonite (Retro Case)

What is this RetroPie case? Technically speaking, this has nothing to do with retro computing. But as this Star Wars Raspberry Pi case fits neatly into the early home computer area, we couldn’t help but adding it to this list.

What can it do? You can impress your friends with it by playing the NES Star Wars game on it.

Who made it? Rigelbot.

Download & Instructions for this RetroPie Case: You find it on Thingiverse.

Oh.. and one more thing: RetroPie

Now, you have a Raspberry Pi and a cool Raspberry Pi case for retro gaming but of course, you need emulators to get your portable gaming station running. The best resource for that is probably the RetroPie website. It’s a dedicated and well-maintained software, which is dedicated to your retro gaming needs.

RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a multi-faceted retro-gaming machine. It builds upon Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch and many other projects to enable you to play your favorite Arcade, home-console, and classic PC games with the minimum set-up. For power users, it also provides a large variety of configuration tools to customize the system as you want.

Emulators for RetroPie: Get all the Classic Gaming You Want

RetroPie SD-card includes emulators for a whole range of gaming history. Here are some of the classic gaming systems you can emulate on your new gaming station (and – in brackets – the emulators used):

  • 3DO (lr-4do)
  • Amiga (UAE4ALL2, UAE4ARM)
  • Amstrad (CapriceRPI, lr-caprice32)
  • Apple II (LinApple)
  • Atari 800 and 5200 (Atari800)
  • Atari 2600 (Stella, lr-stella)
  • Atari 7800 (lr-prosystem)
  • Atari Jaguar (lr-virtualjaguar)
  • Atari Lynx (lr-handy, lr-beetle-lynx)
  • Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon (Hatari)
  • Apple Macintosh (Basilisk II)
  • Colecovision (CoolCV)
  • C64 (VICE)
  • Dragon 32 (Xoar)
  • Dreamcast (Reicast)
  • Famicom Disk System (lr-nestopia, lr-fceumm)
  • Final Burn Alpha (RetroArch/PiFBA, RetroArch/FBA)
  • Game Boy (lr-mbatte)
  • Game Boy Advance (gpSP, lr-gpSP, lr-vba-next, lr-mgba)
  • Game Boy Color (lr-gambatte)
  • Game Cube (Dolphin)
  • Game Gear (Osmose, lr-genesis-plus-gx)
  • Game & Watch (lr-gw)
  • Laserdisk player (Daphne)
  • Sega Game Gear (Osmose)
  • Sega Genesis (lr-picodrive, Dgen, lr-genesis-plus-gx)
  • Intellivision (jzIntv)
  • MAME (RetroArch/mame4all-pi, RetroArch/mame4all)
  • MSX (openMSX, lr-bluemsx)
  • PC – x86 (rpix86)
  • NeoGeo (PiFBA, GnGeo)
  • Nintendo DS (DraStic, lr-desmume)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System NES (RetroArch/FCEUmm)
  • Nintendo 64 (Mupen64Plus-RPi)
  • TurboGrafx 16 – PC Engine (RetroArch/Mednafen/pce_fast)
  • ScummVM (ScummVM
  • Sega Master System / Mark III (RetroArch/Picodrive, Osmose, DGen)
  • Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (RetroArch/Picodrive, DGen)
  • Sega Mega-CD / CD (RetroArch/Picodrive, DGen)
  • Sega 32X (RetroArch/Picodrive, DGen)
  • PC (DOSBox)
  • Playstation 1 (RetroArch/PCSX ReARMed)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super NES (lr-snes9x-2010, PiSNES, snes9x-rpi, lr-armsnes, lr-snes9x2005, lr-snes9x2002)
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum (lr-fuse, FBZX, Fuse)
  • Tandy Color Computer (XRoar)
  • TI-99 / 4A (ti99sim)
  • Wonderswan (lr-beetle-wswan)
  • Z-Machine (Frotz)

The Retropie installation process shouldn’t take longer than two hours. Please remember that downloading classic games from ROM-archives is considered to be in a legal grey zone, if not illegal. Have fun with your new RetroPie case!


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