Jun 23, 2017

16 Coolest Raspberry Pi NES Cases to DIY or Buy

Nintendo’s NES has been discontinued. But you can build your own NES with a Raspberry Pi and a 3D printed Raspberry Pi NES case.

We’ve played Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition – and it’s really a cute retro gaming machine! The Mini NES contains 30 famous classics like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, PAC-MAN, and Kirby’s Adventure; and a classic NES controller.

But… unfortunately, Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic Edition. You still can get it on eBay, but the price is around $200 to $300.

There’s a better way to get your NES Classic Edition. All you need is a Raspberry Pi, an NES case for it (which you can find here, most of them can easily be 3D printed) and the free Retropie emulator. If you don’t own a 3D printer, download the files and have them printed!

If you need a Raspberry Pi 3, click here: 

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Raspberry Pi NES Case BabyNES

What is it? This is a stylish Raspberry Pi NES case for the B+ and Model B.  It is based on the Nintastic design, but was completely re-designed from scratch. So if you have an older Raspberry Pi, this is the case you likely are going to 3D print. There are also several variants for the Pi 3. 

What can it do? It offers a lid like the real NES did. Jeff Rebeiro did the design.

Difficulty level? Easy. 

Where can I get it? You get it at Thingiverse for free.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Famicom

What is it? In Japan, the Nintendo Entertainment System was called Famicom – and it was a huge success. This Famicom-themed Enclosure will bring the Asian classic back to your living room.

What can it do? It looks futuristic and retro at the same time.

Difficulty Level? Easy, it‘s just six parts to print.

Who made it? xonycat 

Where can I get it? You get all parts for this Raspberry Pi NES case free at Thingiverse.


Raspberry Pi NES Case NES Retropie Pi B+ case

What is it? Made my maker mathers3000, this is Raspberry Pi NES case is made especially for the Raspberry Pi B+ model. it consists only of three parts, so it should be easy to 3D print. You can use glue or screws for assembly, and the lid snaps in place.

What can it do? That’s a typical case of “Print&Play”.

Where can I get it? You can download the files on Thingiverse.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Mini NES Pi 3 Case (Customizable)

What is it? When it comes to Raspberry Pi NES cases, this is the most popular model. It fits a Pi 3 and has plenty of space for additional parts.The designer LKM did an excellent job. Looks just like the real thing, doesn’t it? If you want, you can also even working buttons and LEDs.

What can it do? Is visually as close as possible to a real Nintendo Entertainment System – only it’s a DIY NES case. Also, it’s somewhat customizable in style.

Difficulty Level: Easy. You can choose from several variations (i.e vents / no vents). It can be easily assembled without screws, everything is glued or snaps together.

Where can I get it? Download the STL files for this Raspberry Pi NES case at Thingiverse.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Nintastic

What is it? A classic 3D printable Raspberry Pi NES case for anyone who starts to get into 3D printing. It consists of just three parts that easily snap together. Doesn’t look exactly like Nintendo’s classic console and doesn’t have the same measurements, but it will do nicely.

What can it do? Basically, it fulfills your retro gaming needs.

Difficulty level? Easy. 

Who made it? tastic007

Where can I get it? You can get all files and detailed instructions from Thingiverse.


Raspberry Pi NES Case The nin10do

What is it? It‘s probably the coolest 3D printable Raspberry Pi NES case. We especially like the advanced color scheme and the automatically opening cover of the USB Controller Ports. Also, it’s got nice a LED light show.

What can it do? It’s a Raspberry Pi NES case with some great extras.

Difficulty level? Easy.

Where can I get it? It’s available on the Nint10do shop (preassembled) in black, white, clear and red. You can also get the 3D printable parts of this Raspberry Pi NES case for free on Github.


Raspberry Pi NES Case piNES

What is it? Looks like the real thing: This Raspberry Pi NES case was also inspired by Nintendo’s Mini NES. It is designed to have a functioning lid that allows access to the SD card of a Pi 2. It is a relatively easy to build this Raspberry Pi NES case, as there are only a few parts to 3D print.

What can it do? You can access the SD card easy, so this is the design you want to have if you keep adding games to the system. Also, it plays all the NES retro games you want to play.

Who made it? TBSkinner

Where can I get it? You can download the files on Thingiverse.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Mini(er) NES Raspberry Pi ZERO Case

What is it? This is even smaller than the other Raspberry Pi NES cases, as it’s designed to fit a Raspberry Pi Zero.

What can it do? It can hold very small NES-inspired cartridges, which serve no other function but to look cool.

Difficulty Level: Medium – you 3D print six parts, assemble them and add the Raspberry Pi Zero. The wiring includes some easy soldering.

Who made it? twanskys

Where can I get it? You get that free Raspberry Pi NES case at Thingiverse.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Lego Case

What is it? If you ever wanted a cool Raspberry Pi NES case, this might be the one. It’s entirely made from Lego bricks. It comes as a kit, which you’ll have to assemble yourself… and that’s as much fun as Lego was in your youth.

What can it do? Easy (as in child’s play).

Where can I get it? You get the Raspberry Pi NES case for €35 from New Pi Towers in Spain. If you have assembled Lego at home, try this instruction here.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Pitendo

What is it? This handsome looking little console is the Pitendo, a cleverly miniaturized version of Nintendo’s first console. Print this Raspberry Pi NES Case in two colors and just apply some paint to the nameplate.

What can it do? Besides looking good? It can house a ton of great retro games.

Difficulty level? Medium, there are several parts to assemble for this 3D printed Raspberry Pi NES case.

Who made it? Kakadu 

Where can I get it? Buy this Raspberry Pi NES Case for $40 at Pi-tendo.com. You also can access the “Pitendo Ultimate” files at Thingiverse for free and 3D print them.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Jigo’s Mega Man Mod

What is it? Jigo does a German blog page about IT stuff, retro-gaming and “everything else that comes to my mind”. He took an old Nintendo Entertainment System and modded it so it fits perfectly to Mega Man style. 

What can it do? Everything a Nintendo Entertainment System can do – and much more.

Difficulty Level: High. First of all, the instructions are only in German. Second, you need good DIY skills to get the Mega Man styled Raspberry Pi NES case mod up and running.

Where can I get it? You’ll get the instructions for this Raspberry Pi NES case right here.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Nintendo Entertainment System Mod

What is it? Igor Kromin had an old console lying around… He threw out all the electronics to make it a decent Raspberry Pi NES case gaming console.

What can it do? It not only looks great but also lets you use the original controllers that come with an original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Difficulty Level: High, you need some serious building and electronics skills for this one to succeed.

Where can I get it? Two-part English instructions right here.


Raspberry Pi NES Case pi3_NES


What is it? This 3D printed mini NES case is specially designed to hold a Pi 3. The newest, updated version also adds ventilation, so your microcomputer won’t get fried by overheating.

What can it do? It not only looks great but also lets you use the original controllers that come with an original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Difficulty Level: Medium – 3D print seven parts and assemble them. There is also a rudimentary instruction video.

Who made it? twanskys

Where can I get it? You get that free Raspberry Pi NES case at Thingiverse.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Classic NES Controller (Bonus)

Classic NES Controller

What is it? It’s a modern interpretation of the NES controller. You can actually make it work, and the dimensions are the same as the original controllers. Rubber parts and circuit board are not included in this upload. To be able to use this, the rubber parts, the screws, the circuit board and cord from an original controller is needed.

What can it do? Once installed, it can replace the USB controller you’re using to play the classic NES games.

Difficulty Level: Medium, there are 6 parts to 3D print and assemble.

Where can I get it? Download this Raspberry Pi NES case at GC Trader for $4.


Raspberry Pi NES Case DIY Bluetooth Gamepad (Bonus)

What is it? It’s a battery-powered, Bluetooth-driven, 3D printed video game controller. You print it, build it, play it. It’s smaller than the original NES joypad and can be coupled with other software.

What can it do? This DIY NES controller doesn’t require any programming and works with just about any trigger or push button. 

Difficulty Level: Medium. The assembly and wiring can be a bit tricky for beginners.

Who made it? Ruiz Brothers

Where can I get it? Full tutorial for this Raspberry Pi NES case is available on Adafruit.


Raspberry Pi NES Case Classic NES Controller Replica (Bonus)

What is it? It’s a replica of the classic NES controller.

What can it do? It‘s a non-working model of the classic Nintendo NES controller – so other than looking good, it doesn‘t do anything.

Difficulty Level: Easy. It should be printable in one go.

Who made it? Krum04 

Where can I get it? Download the files for this Raspberry Pi NES case at Thingiverse.

Did we miss a cool Raspberry Pi NES case? Please feel free to leave a comment.


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