Dec 6, 2018

Overwatch 3D Models – 60 Awesome Models You Can 3D Print

Looking for Overwatch 3D Models for 3D printing? We’ve got good news for you: Here are 60 amazing free models.

Overwatch is one of those games you just can’t stop playing. Blizzard managed to deliver a great shooter that is fun and tactical enough for you to go for “just one more round”. As the characters are really memorable, some fans have started reverse-engineering or building the most iconic Overwatch 3D models. If you are looking for something for your desk or shelf, you might find what you looking for.

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Overwatch 3D Models Pharah Figure

What’s this? Pharah is one of the heroes in Overwatch. She is a security captain who yearns to protect the world’s peace, coming from a long line of highly decorated soldiers. She is a force to be reckoned with, soaring through the air in her combat armor. Armed with a launcher, she’s capable of laying down highly explosive rockets.

This model is about 14 in (35 cm) tall and even comes with the Overwatch logo stand. The different parts fit nicely together, so assembly shouldn’t be a problem.

Who made it? Mizukii

Where can I get it? Over at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Overwatch Health Pack Lamp

What’s this? Check out this cool-looking Overwatch themed nightstand lamp! With it, you’ll surely have a healthy sleep. There are two models to choose from, depending on the size of your printer. Also, the creator offers very detailed instructions on how to assemble the needed electronics. You’ll need an “Hemma Cord”, which you can find also on Amazon.

Who made this? Jeremy Senseth

Where can I get? Get the files and instructions at MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Junkrat Figure

What’s this? This is a 25 cm tall figure of Junkrat, the international criminal and explosive-loving demolitionist. Even though this guy lives on chaos, the print is pretty straightforward. It can either be printed in one piece or in several parts.

Who made this?  The very talented creator Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? Just click here.


Overwatch 3D Models Roadhog Hook

What’s this?  This hook is used by Roadhog to pull his enemies close before shredding them with blasts from his Scrap Gun. We do hope you don’t intend to use it the same way, but it sure is a menacing looking prop and a must-have for every cosplayer. The actual size is about 20 in (50 cm), but it can be printed on smaller printers, as it’s split up in different parts.

Who made it? Jakob LaRocca

Where can I get?  At MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Torbjörn figure

What’s this? Torbjörn is an engineer, specialized in weapon design and who is determined to keep his inventions from getting in the wrong hands. If you want to get this figure, we advise you to only follow the first half of his mantra though: Build ’em up, break ’em down.

Who made this? Francesco Orru

Where can I get? Right here.


Overwatch 3D Models Genji Shuriken Pin

What’s it?  A Genji Shuriken pin to hold your photos or just to decorate your wall with it. Surely it’s an eye-catcher. It uses the pin from a standard tumb tack (drawing pin).

Who made it?  This cool little prop was created by WildRose Builds.

Where can I get? Here is the link to the printing files. 


Overwatch 3D Models Peacekeeper Revolver

What’s this? This revolver is used by the bounty hunter Jesse McCree in the Overwatch game. Check out the creators’ detailed assembly video. It’ll teach you how put this complex print together properly.

Who made it? Fergal Kelly

Where can I get? For free at MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Reinhardt Figure

What’s this? Now you can print yourself a figure of Reinhardt. The currywurst eating and David Hasselhoff’s music loving german beast of a man. The model is 20 cm tall and printed with support at 25% infill.

Who made this? NickRimmer

Where can I get? Right here.


Overwatch 3D Models Tracer Figurine

What’s this? Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here! Check out this cool figure of Tracer in mid-action. The original file has a support base for it, but – as you can see – if you have some superglue at hand, she can stand on her own foot. Printed in seperate parts make painting afterwards easier.

Who made this? Once again by the great Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? For free at MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Wrecking Ball - Hammond

What’s this? Hammond is one of the heroes of Overwatch. He is a resourceful tinkerer with remarkable mechanic skills, rolling around the world in his wrecking ball, seeking out new challenges to overcome. He may look cute, but beware: Don’t anger the hamster.

Who made this? This was created by 3D Print Guy.

Where can I get?  For free at MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Brigitte Figurine

What‘s this? Brigitte is the newest addition to the fan-made Overwatch 3D models. In the game, she throws Repair Packs to heal teammates or automatically heal nearby allies while she damages foes with her flail.

Who made this? Printed Obsession, a Zbrush artist who designs, prints and manufactures sculptural jewelry & mini busts.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Tracer Gun 2.0

What‘s this? It’s a perfect replica – but with a twist. While the first tracer gun just looks great, this one has illuminated parts in it – and can is smartphone-controlled. Careful, it’s a 22-part print, so you should have some experience in 3D printing. It’s one of the coolest Overwatch 3D models we have seen so far.

Who made this? It’s yet another great design from 3D designer Simone Fontana.

Where can I get? Download free from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Soldier 76 Helmet

What‘s this? It’s an Overwatch themed mask of Solder 76. You even can install an LED strip to make it look like the original from the game.

Who made this? Seattle-based company Intentional 3D.

Where can I download it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Mercy Full Figure

What‘s this? Looking almost like an ancient Greek statue, this Overwatch 3D model is the perfect match for your desk or TV sideboard. This figure of Mercy looks complicated to 3D print, but actually, it’s not that difficult. The Overwatch figurine is 30 cm high but can be scaled to any proportions you like.

Who made this? Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Reaper Mask

What‘s this? According to the lore, the Reaper is a mysterious and deadly assassin. Armed with his pair of hellfire shotguns he dispatches enemies with extreme prejudice. Yet another fantastic Overwatch 3D model!

Who made this? By maker Salomaoric.

Where can I get it? You get it at MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Wearable Genji Helmet

What‘s this? This great wearable Genji helmet consists of three parts and should be an easy print, even for 3D printing beginners.

Who made this? This lovely free merchandise was made by 16-year-old Italian maker andrew.

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Mei Blaster

What‘s this? In the game, Mei’s blaster unleashes a concentrated, short-range stream of frost that damages, slows, and ultimately freezes enemies in place. Mei can also use her blaster to shoot icicle-like projectiles at medium range. A great Overwatch 3D model.

Who made this? Maker Oleg Osipov. 

Where can I get it? You get this at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Tracer Figurine

What‘s this? This fantastic Tracer sculpture comes with a base. Unfortunately, this Tracer Overwatch 3D model isn’t an easy print, as there are so many frail details.

Who made this? Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Ultimate Coins

What‘s this? What you‘re looking at is an in-game trophy that made it into the real world. All these Ultimate abilities were printed in ProtoPasta Stainless Steel PLA.

Who made this? Atom Jaay from the US.

Where can I get it? You’ll get it at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Logo Keychain

What‘s this? It’s a free version of the logo ready for your 3D printer. Just print it and add it to your keychain. It should be a fairly easy print.

Who made this? Nick from the US, who calls himself SomePrintNoob.

Where can I get it? Download it free from Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Lucio Figurine

What‘s this? Lúcio is one of the heroes in Overwatch. On the battlefield, Lúcio’s cutting-edge Sonic Amplifier buffets enemies with projectiles and knocks foes back with blasts of sound. His songs can both heal his team or boost their movement speed, and he can switch between tracks on the fly. 3D print this Overwatch 3D model

Who made this? Maker Fotis Mint.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Zenyatta's Floating Ball

What‘s this? Zenyatta calls upon orbs of harmony and discord to heal his teammates and weaken his opponents, all while pursuing a transcendent state of immunity to damage. There are two versions available, one is a full orb, the other one consists of two halves. They are about 10cm diameter, they can be scaled to whatever you like.

Who made this? Maker PiggyJJ.

Where can I get it? Download it from Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Soldier 76 Weapon

What‘s this? This Soldier 76’s weapon looks like it’s a complicated print… but that‘s not the case. Even beginners can print this without supports. Also, you don’t have to waste time cleaning up inside detailed intricate areas. It is made up of two components (left and right side) which can be glued together.

Who made this? Adam Samaeli.

Where can I get it? You can find the Overwatch STL model at MyMiniFactory site.


Overwatch 3D Models Tracer Bust

What‘s this? This is a nice Overwatch 3D model. This Tracer bust isn’t too complicated to print, although it needs some supports. Also, some coloring should be applied (as seen in the example above) .

Who made this? Maker Jason Artcraft

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models D.Va's Bunny Badge

What‘s this? D.Va’s uses a mech, and it’s quite a powerful one. Equipped with twin Fusion Cannon, that start autofiring at close-range, she can use its Boosters to barrel over enemies and obstacles. This model is one that can be printed quickly – and it still looks great. There are two printable versions, depending on whether you prefer the bunny’s face to be concave or convex.

Who made this? Maker Spoolishness.

Where can I get it? Download it from Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models D.Va' & Meka Victory Pose

What‘s this? Victory! This 3D printed model of D.Va and Meka is one of the greatest Overwatch 3D models. Printing shouldn’t be a problem if you have enough time on your hands. If you want, you can also apply some colors to make it more realistic.

Who made this? Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Loot Box

What‘s this? When it comes to Overwatch 3D models, this is one to have: Uncrate your own loot with this Loot Box. It will take you around 9 hours to print and assemble, but it’s worth the wait.

Who made this? Designer Crain Makes.

Where can I get it? Register at MyMiniFactory and get this Overwatch STL file for free. 


Overwatch 3D Models Genji's Shuriken

What‘s this? In order to make it a full prop, this design needs to be printed twice; then you assemble it. Oh, and don’t throw it around, it’s got pointy bits and actually could hurt someone.

Who made this? Josh Hunter a.k.a. hadokn.

Where can I get it? At Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Mercy's Staff

What‘s this? This one’s a really nice idea. Get a 1 inch PVC pipe and 1/4 inch rod, 3D print this free Overwatch 3D model and assemble in all its glory. With a proper paint job, it comes very close to the original – you can even open the top part. You can find out more about the build process in this informative post

Who made this? Jackson Gordon (Armatus).

Where can I get it? Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Cthulhu Zenyatta

What‘s this? Remember the Overwatch Halloween event in 2017? That was when Cthulhu Zenyatta was introduced. If you are looking for a great Overwatch 3D figurine with tentacles, you’re in the right place.

Who made this? Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models D.VA Headset

What‘s this? This design resembles D.VA’s. There is a good chance this will need scaled up or down for the perfect fit. If you know what you are doing, you can add electronics and speakers to it and use it as a proper headset. 

Who made this? Alex Notthatguy, based on an Overwatch 3D model from Arthur Kinnear.

Where can I get it? Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models McCree Flashbang

What‘s this? Gunslinger and vigilante, McCree makes use of his revolver to slay his foes, flashbangs to stun and has a combat roll to avoid danger. Just four parts for better printability. The Overwatch 3D model has room for a 9v battery and some LEDs.

Who made this? Miguel Pinto Ferreira.

Where can I get it? Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Light Gun Keychain

What‘s this? This is an Overwatch 3D print everyone can master. Just 3D print it, attach it to your keyring (there’s a small hole about 2mm diameter for attaching the keychain). Enjoy!

Who made this? Sim Jia Jun.

Where can I get it? You can it at MyMiniFactory site.


Overwatch 3D Models Reaper Figurine

What‘s this? This Overwatch 3D figurine represents the reaper in a firing pose. Pretty, detailed, and relatively easy to 3D print, if you use support structures. Print it, paint it, enjoy it!

Who made this? It was made by German Zep To 3D Druck.

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Bastion

What‘s this? Bastion takes a defensive stance with two main forms. The first being a somewhat mobile bipedal form with a submachine gun, the second being a completely immobile turret form.

It’s the Bastion game model modified and split into parts, legs, arms, and turret have sockets for assembly.

Who made this? Chris Mitchell

Where can I get it? Download it at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models D.Va Figurine

What‘s this? Another beauty modeled by the maker “Printed Obsession”. The D.Va figurine comes with a base in the form of the Overwatch logo.

Who made this? Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Mercy Hair Pin

What‘s this? This 3D printed Overwatch 3D model is a hair pin inspired by Mercy. She’s the most healing oriented of support character in the game. Mercy rapidly restores full health of the tram  and, using her Ultimate, brings them back from the dead. When not healing, she is able to boost a single ally’s damage. 

Who made this? Shane Gadsby (schme16) from Australia.

Where can I get it? Download it at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Overwatch Phone / Tablet Stand

What‘s this? This is an Overwatch themed stand for your phone or table. You can charge your device while having it sitting in the stand. It is one of the easiest prints in this list.

Who made this? John Bishop (b1sh0p) from Austin, Texas.

Where can I get it? Download it at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Smoothed Widowmaker

What‘s this? This is a remix of the Widowmaker Overwatch 3D model. Maker Joe Cross writes he “smoothed the original file to make it closer to the in-game model.” It‘s one of the most viewed Overwatch 3D models on Thingiverse. It consists of 6 parts which have to be glued together. Great design, but probably not exactly suited for beginners.

Who made this? Joe Cross (Crossy71).

Where can I get it? Download it at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Torbjorn's Turret

What‘s this? These Turrets are great helpers in the game, and they also look impressive. So guard your dog, desk or computer with them. In this photo, the 3D printed Overwatch model has been scaled to sit at 50cm height.

Who made this? Funbie Studios.

Where can I get it? Download it from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Widowmaker Figurine

What‘s this? This excellent and detailed Overwatch 3D model was made with an SLA 3D printer. Of course, it can be 3D printed with any regular FDM 3D printer.

Who made this? Printed Obsession.

Where can I get? Download the Overwatch 3D model from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns

What‘s this? The guy who brought you the 3D printed Reaper’s mask also did a great job on designing the Reaper Hellfire shotguns. There’s an interesting YouTube video on how they were made. Be aware that it’s no project for 3D printing beginners.

Who made this? Product designer Kirby Dowley.

Where can I get it? Download here from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models ID Card Holder, Credit Card and Bus Card Case

What‘s this? It’s a Tracer themed card holder, be it for your ID or credit card, your bus ticket or any stubs you carry around. It also comes with a hole for your keyring. Relatively easy to produce, so this might be a nice weekend 3D printing project.

Who made this? Designer Marco Antonio.

Where can I get it? Download this Overwatch 3D Model at MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Overwatch PS4 Stand

What‘s this? It’s an Overwatch themed stand for your PlayStation controller. It was designed using an Autodesk Remake scan as a base. It includes optional hidden compartments that can also be 3D printed.

Who made this? UK artist and designer Martin Moore, also known as Forge 3D.

Where can I get it? Right here from MyMiniFactory. It’s a free download.


Overwatch 3D Models Widowmaker's Widow's Kiss Collapsible Sniper Rifle

What‘s this? It’s Widowmaker’s sniper rifle. Don’t stand still for too long next to it. If you decide to make it, be prepared to invest a lot of time in this beautiful Overwatch prop.

Who made this? This is the work if digital designer and prop maker laellee.

Where can I get it? Download it from Pinshape. It’s free.


Overwatch 3D Models Mercy's Caduceus Blaster

What‘s this? When the going gets tough, Mercy has a nice emergency personal defense: her Caduceus Blaster. The projectiles are pretty fast and deals 20 damage. 

Who made this? Oleg Osipov, also known as mynefild.

Where can I get it? Right here at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Reaper Card Holder

What‘s this? It’s an Overwatch Reaper themed card holder. Use it with ID card, metro tickets or credit cards. This Overwatch 3D print is easy to archieve (and just looks great).

Who made this? Spanish artist and mechanical design engineer Marco Antonio.

Where can I get it? From MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Symmetra Photon Projector

What‘s this? Symmetra utilizes her light-bending Photon Projector to dispatch adversaries. This 3D printed replica looks great – but beware, there are a lot of parts to print and to assemble.

Who made this? Oleg Osipov a.k.a. mynefild in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Where can I get it? At Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Lucio Blaster

What‘s this? Building the Lucio Blaster is not a trivial task. You have to 3D print more than 20 parts and add some electronics (mainly Arduino) for this amazing Overwatch prop. But if you succeed, you get a great looking blaster with a 20-watt amplifier to drive the impressive blasting sound effects, lights, and music.

Who made this? John Park for Adafruit Industries.

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Tracer Mask

What‘s this? It’s a simple model of Tracer’s mask. You 3D print the mask flat, dip the print in a pot of hot water and shape it until it fits. To get an even curve, sit the flat mask good-side-down across the pot and the steam will warp it slowly. Also, don’t put hot plastic on your face. Seriously. Don’t.

Who made this? Thingiverse designer AlpacaSammich.

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Oni Genji Mask

What‘s this? It’s an Overwatch Oni Genji Mask, which is printable in just one part. Print it with white filament, get some black and red color, paint it and enjoy!

Who made this? Thingiverse designer Peter Snyder.

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Junkrat Gauntlet

What‘s this? Designed in TinkerCAD, the gauntlet you see was spray painted with wood paint. Then the parts were hot glued to the outside of a regular glove. Many parts to 3D print, but one of the easier Overwatch props to be assembled.

Who made this? Thingiverse designer Lawson Take.

Where can I get it? Here at Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Tracer's Pulse Bomb

What‘s this? Something you don’t want to step on, even if it’s 3D printed.

Who made this? 3D designer Eve Ciancia made this from scratch in Tinkercad.

Where can I get it? At MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Ana Amari's Sniper Rifle

What‘s this? It’s one of the great Overwatch replica weapons. Be prepared for a long printing time – the beauty pictured above is 1,20 meters long. But if you succeed, you will have a great Overwatch cosplay prop. Even if it looks like this Overwatch 3D model consists of several parts, it can be printed in one go.

Who made this? Designer Oleg Osipov, also known as mynefild.

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Tracer Figurine

What‘s this? A beautiful 3D printable figurine of Tracer. It comes in 6 parts, which you will have to glue together. Of course, you can also color the print.

Who made this? Dylan Lieblang a.k.a. worgenice.

Where can I get it? Download it from Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Mercy Bust

What‘s this? A nice little 3D printed Overwatch model. It depicts Mercy, who in the games provides groups with key medical support. She also has the power to resurrect dead teammates.

Who made this? It’s another great design from 3D designer Morgan Morley.

Where can I get? Download from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Hanzo Ult Icon Fidget Spinner

What‘s this? This is a 3D printable fidget spinner, which is the current craze. The design was inspired by the Hanzo Ult icon. Just 3D print the fidget spinner (it’s an easy print), add a bearing and start fidgeting!

Who made this? It was designed by Fotis Mint.

Where can I get it? Download it from MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Reaper Keyring

What‘s this? This is a very easy Overwatch 3D model to 3D print. Download the model, print in under 30 minutes or less and attach it to your keys to be reminded of your favorite game.

Who made this? Jack Carter.

Where can I get? Thingiverse.


Overwatch 3D Models Genji Ult Icon Spinner

What‘s this? Looking for another Overwatch-themed fidget spinner? The Genji Ult Icon Spinner is easy to 3D print. Add a bearing and some paint to get the look right.

Who made this? This Overwatch 3D model was made by Fotis Mint.

Where can I get? At MyMiniFactory.


Overwatch 3D Models Bastion PC Case

What‘s this? It’s a 3D printed PC case in the shape of your trusty droid Bastion. It’s got enough room to house a working gaming PC, which is fast enough for most games. Thanks to a servo motor and an Arduino, Bastion’s head can move.

Who made this? PC case modder Jan Erik Vangen built this custom PC by designing 259 (!) 3D models of this Overwatch character. He printed all parts on his MakerBot Replicator, painted and assembled them.

Where can I get it? You find more information here.

Got any great Overwatch 3D models we missed? Please add them to the comment section below!

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