Featured image of Ender 5 vs Ender 5 Pro & Plus: The Differences

Ender 5 vs Ender 5 Pro & Plus: The Differences

Florian Gehrke
Dec 2, 2019

Ender 5, Ender 5 Pro, or Ender 5 Plus, that's the question! Learn the differences to find out which version is best for you.

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Creality had become a significant force in the consumer 3D printing market, ever since the company released the Ender 3, back in 2017, and its updated follow-up version the Ender 3 Pro.

With the release of the Ender 5, Creality sustained its hot streak when it comes to affordable budget printers.

Basically, packing the popular features from the Ender 3 into a larger, box-shaped, machine, the Ender 5 rapidly acquired a large fanbase within the community. Creality has remained true to itself, and released a Pro Version of the Ender 5, alongside the Ender 5 Plus, an enlarged iteration.

In this article, we compare the Ender 5 to its updated iteration as well as its bigger brother. Undoubtfully, they all have very similar features; however, there are still some aspects that differ, perhaps making you choose one over the other.

Let’s dig into the details!

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Ender 5 vs Ender 5 Pro vs Ender 5 Plus: The Differences

The Verdict

Image of Ender 5 vs Ender 5 Pro vs Ender 5 Plus: The Differences: The Verdict

If you are swaying between the stock Ender 5, the improved Ender 5 Pro, and the Ender 5 Plus, the best choice will primarily depend on your 3D printing needs.

Naturally, if you plan on printing big objects most of the time, the Ender 5 Plus might be suited for you. However, during our 10-hour review of the Ender 5 Plus, we did encounter several issues with the printer, biggest of all beeing the BLTouch Sensor only measuring half the bed. On the other hand, it did achieve a Kickstarter Autodesk-score of 27 out of 30, which to be fair is an excellent result, and probably the best we have ever tested. But from our overall experience with the printer, it shows that there is more to a printer than a good Autodesk Kickstarter test.

That being said, the Ender 5 Plus still has some potential. With some tinkering and fiddling on the part of the user, it is capable of producing not only physically, but also optically appealing prints. From our point of view, the Ender 5 Plus would need an updated version, to iron out its shortcomings (Ender 5 Plus Pro confirmed?!).

In case you do look for an affordable large build volume 3D printer and don’t mind getting your hands dirty before to get some good printing results, the Ender 5 Plus might be for you. Otherwise, you might consider the Creality CR-10 S, which roughly plays in the same price range, provides an even bigger print bed and requires less tinkering.

That leaves us with a head to head between the Ender 5 and the Ender 5 Pro.

Pricewise, the Ender 5 Pro costs about $50 more than the Ender 5, which we find a rather fair increase for the notable upgrades. Having them, pre-installed saves you the hassle of retrofitting, if you maybe already plan on getting some of these upgrades anyway to get your printer to achieve the best possible printing results.

The Ender 5 Pro offers these possibilities, namely enhanced safety, a more silent printing performance, as well as – literally – flexibility when it comes to filament selection. It looks like the printer features just the right add-ons to make an already functioning printer just a tad more user-friendly.

However, other than those new features, the base Ender 5 model offers a majority of the same capabilities as the Pro version. Plus, with the Ender 5 Pro on the market, the stock Ender 5 is prone to be discounted. For those looking to make a bang for a buck, this might be an opportunity.

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