Oct 7, 2018

2018 Cubiio Compact Laser Engraver – Review the Specs

The Cubiio is an incredibly compact and affordable laser engraver that has hit the market after raising over $1.3 million in a Kickstarter campaign. Review the features and specs here.

In order to have a truly expansive maker’s toolbox, it’s important to complement your 3D printer with other DIY-enabling tools, such as the laser engraver. But not all of us have unlimited space, and laser engravers can be both sizable and expensive.


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Perhaps that’s why the Cubiio laser engraver was so well-received when it first hit Kickstarter back in 2017. The hype surrounding this laser engraver revolved around the compact size and low price, leading to over $1.3 million raised through the crowdfunding platform.

Despite being small, the cube-shaped engraving machine seems extremely versatile and easy to use. Labeled as a plug-and-play machine, the Cubiio team is targeting makers, bakers, carpenters, leatherworkers, designers, handcrafters, and more.

It might be petite compared to other laser engravers, but it’s packed with features that focus on safety and usability. Let’s take a closer look at the Cubiio.


2018 Cubiio Compact Laser Engraver – Review the Specs Features

What makes this compact laser engraver unique is its accessibility and affordability. The Cubiio is equipped with a 5cm 150 gram laser module, while the device itself only weights 1.3kg. It has a working area of 100 x 100 mm. There’s also a laser shield and air filter to maximize safety during operation.

The team has implemented a number of other safety features into the Cubiio, including motion-triggered stop, overheat shutdown and password lock.

Unlike many other laser engravers on the market, this compact device is incredibly easy to use. The Cubiio can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone, and also supports photo and vector formats.

So how does such a small, cube-shaped laser engraver work? According to the manufacturer, the Cubiio utilizes a semiconductor laser source and wo current-driven mirrors to defect the laser beam across the X and Y axis.

The CPU embedded in the laser engraver is able to translate designs into digital commands, tilting the mirrors to create the image or pattern.

Using a galvanometer, the laser spot is focused on the target surface to trace the image. The Cubiio uses an algorithm to properly compensate for distortion, allowing it to be portable compact in size.

You can engrave and cut a variety of materials, such as paper board, cardboard, fabric, leather, felt and wood.


2018 Cubiio Compact Laser Engraver – Review the Specs Tech Specs

  • Weight: 1.3 Kg (Laser Module 150 gram)
  • Laser Source: OSRAM semiconductor blue color laser/Lifetime Estimation 10000 hours
  • Laser Output: 100 level adjustable
    max 800 mW with CubiioShield; max 500 mW w/o CubiioShield
  • Routing Speed: 2000 mm/min maximum
  • Resolution: 152 – 254 dpi adjustable
  • Finishing: anodized aluminum
  • Color Option: red, black, dark bronze, gold, and blue
  • Screw Mount: 1/4″-20 UNC for standard tripods
  • I/O: Micro SD card
  • Supported File Format: bmp and G-Code
  • App Connection: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • App OS: iOS 10+ / Android 4.4+
  • Filter: Active Charcoal + Zeolite
  • Power Input : AC 85-264V, 47-63Hz
  • Laser Source Power Requirement: micro USB DC 5V, 2A
    Power bank (5V, 2A) supported, but not included

2018 Cubiio Compact Laser Engraver – Review the Specs Where to Buy

You can buy the Cubiio on Amazon.


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