Jun 5, 2018
by All3DP

2018 Creality CR-20 – Review the Specs

The Creality CR-20 recently hit the market. Review the specs and see how the 3D printer compares to its very popular predecessor the CR-10.

If you’ve been following 3D printing trends with a keen eye over the last couple of years, you’ve definitely noticed the heavy influx of a new modular-styled 3D printer design. In 2016, the Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality3D released the CR-10, a minimalistic and large-format desktop machine that pioneered this unique look.

Since hitting the market, the Creality CR-10’s frame has been mimicked numerous times, but still, it remained the favorite among 3D printing YouTubers and the rest of the community. The charming simplicity, 300 x 300mm build volume and low price tag on this printer has made it the crown jewel of affordable desktop 3D printing.

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Now, the Creality team is (literally) doubling down on their success with the new Creality CR-20!

For starters, the 3D printer manufacturer claims that this new desktop machine focuses “more on the quality” and user convenience. From what we can tell, Creality has implemented some of the beloved features of the CR-10– such as build volume and design– as a part of the foundation for the Creality CR-20. However, a closer look at this new 3D printer makes it seem more like an advanced version of the Creality Ender 3 than anything else.

Nonetheless, Creality has improved the components and added new features to the Creality CR-20, and it seems like it will be another promising addition to the popular family of Creality 3D printers.

Want to learn more? Keep scrolling to review the facts and specs about the new Creality CR-20.

Creality CR-20

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2018 Creality CR-20 – Review the Specs Features

Clearly recognizing the love for the simplistic design of the CR-10, Creality has continued to integrate the aluminum rail-based modular design into the Ender 3 and now the Creality CR-20. With a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm, the CR-20 is actually smaller than its predecessor.

For those who appreciated the CR-10 for its enormous print area, this news might be a bit disappointing. Although the Creality CR-20’s build volume is certainly nothing to scoff at, the name definitely had us imagining a machine with a larger or at least equally sized platform to its forebearer.

Despite the reduction in build volume, the Creality CR-20 still has some impressive features and improvements. As with a CR-10, the modular design makes this 3D printer incredibly easy to assemble, requiring just six screws to put the two main modules together.

The Creality CR-20 is also equipped with a new V2.1 main board, which the manufacturer claims is an upgrade over the chips included in previous 3D printer models. This new 3D printer is also capable of resuming a print after power failure occurs, a feature that has become an increasingly popular addition to new 3D printers thanks to the Original Prusa i3 MK3.

One of the more exciting features to come to the Creality CR-20 is the addition of a build-in LCD and encoder wheel. The CR-10 came with a standalone control box that made the entire package just too bulky. With the new model, however, Creality has integrated a user interface onto the base of the frame at a 30 degree tilt angle, allowing for smoother operation and ultimately making the printer much more compact.

Instead of a glass bed, which was used on the CR-10 and was actually preferred by many users, the Creality CR-20 will instead utilize a removable Buildtak-like print bed. The plus side here is that users will be able to detach the print bed and remove their model by simply bending the platform. However, the glass bed on the CR-10 did allow for compatibility with more materials. We’re hopeful that the Creality team will also offer a glass bed alternative that fits their latest 3D printer.

Much like the Creality Ender 3, which we feel the Creality CR-20 resembles more than the CR-10, the new 3D printer includes large nuts, which makes bed leveling easier, a long extrusion clamp, rigid couplings and more.

The packaging for the Creality CR-20 includes a range of accessories and tools, including an extra nozzle, spatula, hex key, a pair of wire cutters, nozzle cleaner, filament and more.

There are some exciting features that the Creality CR-20 will offer, but as we wait for more information, we hope to see more improvements revealed. We were admittedly a bit disappointed to hear about the reduction in print area and the lack of auto-calibration, but there will certainly be some buzz around the Creality CR-20 regardless.

We’ll withhold any further judgement on the Creality CR-20 until we’ve gone hands on. Stay tuned for a full review!


2018 Creality CR-20 – Review the Specs Specs

Here’s the nitty gritty that we know about the Creality CR-20 3D printer. There are a few specs missing still, but we’ll continue to update as more details become available.

The Creality CR-20 3D printer laid bare is as follows.

  • Make: Creality
  • Model: CR-20
  • Technology: FDM
  • Frame: Cartesian
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Desktop, Kit
  • Print area: 220 ✕ 220 ✕ 250 mm
  • Max. bed temp: 100°C
  • Nozzle size: –
  • Max. nozzle temp: 260°C
  • Max. Z-axis resolution:
  • Z-axis accuracy:
  • X/Y-axis accuracy: –
  • Max. print speed: –
  • Max. travel speed:
  • 3rd Party material compatibility:
  • Interface: LCD Display
  • Boxed size: 475 ✕ 460 ✕ 270 mm
  • Printer size: 420 ✕ 410 ✕ 470 mm
  • Packaged weight: 9.5 kg
  • Printer weight: 7.5kg
  • Power input: 24V / 270W

2018 Creality CR-20 – Review the Specs Where to Buy?

The Creality CR-20 is available now, and we expect it to be listed on Banggood, GearBest, and Amazon very soon. But right now, it is only listed in those stores which directly ship it from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Creality CR-20

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