Nov 8, 2017
by All3DP

30 Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print

If you consider yourself a kitchen whizz, you can never have enough cool kitchen gadgets. Here are some cool 3D printed kitchen utensils. 

There’s no reason not to use 3D printed kitchen gadgets, whether for food preparation or as storage containers. If they’re 3D printed from food-safe materials, that is. If you’d like to know more about food-safe filament, read this article first.

Once you’ve considered your options in food-safe 3D printing materials, which kitchen accessories should you print? Where do you get the ready-to-print model, and how easy is the printing going to be? We’ve compiled a bunch of things you will find useful in the kitchen.

If you don’t have a 3D printer at hand, you can have the parts printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Second Life Mug

Usefulness: This 3d printed kitchen tool is part of Project RE_, an exploration about upcycling. The idea to reuse as many items that would be thrown away. This handle is designed for use with a European classic: the jar from “Bonne Maman” jelly.

Designer: le FabShop

Download: For free at Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy to medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Simple Espresso Tamper

Usefulness: High. Instead of using a spoon, this 3d printed kitchen tool can make the difference between a mediocre and a great cup of coffee.

Designer: Dan O’Connell

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Ravioli Maker

Usefulness: High. It’s a handy 3d printed kitchen tool. Roll the pasta dough into thin sheets. Place one of them over the Ravioli Maker. Gently push down the sheet a little to make a dent for your filling. Scoop your favorite filling into the dents. Place another sheet of pasta over the filling and cover the entire thing. Poke your fingers through the holes to help release the Ravioli. Easy.

Designer: MEH4d

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Sushi Maker Set

Usefulness: High. Let‘s face it: You love sushi, but you have trouble getting a good roll? This 3D printed asian kitchen tool can help you a lot. All you need are the ingredients (and a 3D printer). This useful kitchen toool comes in 4 different shapes (large rectangle, small rectangle, round and heart shaped sushi).

Designer: MEH4d

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Medium – you’ve got a lot of parts to print.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Melon Baller

Usefulness: Medium. This is a 3D printed kitchen tool you don’t want to miss: In seconds, you remove the seeds from a cantaloupe.

Designer: Lockheart

Download: Cults 3D.

Printability: A very quick and easy print. Use supports for best results.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Garlic Press

Usefulness: Medium. Mashes peeled garlic cloves into little squishy bits. Make sure you print it in a food-safe, durable material or this will fade away in your dishwasher.

Designer: Dave Seff

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Advanced.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Citrus Juicer

Usefulness: Medium. One of the nicest kitchen accessories you can 3D print. We have more information on it here.

Designer: Walter Hsiao

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Scalable Universal Kitchen Containers

Usefulness: High, also outside the kitchen. This was designed as a spice jar you could fill with your favorite spice and stick on your refrigerator. In addition to setting the size and tilt, the customizer lets you add holes for magnets, add a label to the jar or lid, or add holes in the lid to use it as a salt/pepper shaker.

Designer: Walter Hsiao

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy to medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Bag Clips

Usefulness: High. These 3D printed plastic bag spares help to keep stored items fresh. Also, they are reusable.

Designer: Erik de Bruijn

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Bag Dispenser Lid

Usefulness: High. You can attach a screw cap to any bag you’d normally use a bag clip with. Two hole sizes for different pours. The large hole is wide enough for a spoon to enter. Good for coffee bags, cereal bags and lots more.

Designer: Neil

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Advanced.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print A Backsplash Tile System

Usefulness: Depends on your usage. Prism is a modular backsplash system. It is designed for a kitchen sink, or any sink for that matter. The idea is that anyone can create a custom “geometric” patterned backsplash display using the 3D printable pieces. With this, you can connect other signature pieces such as a planter, utensil holder, and even towel hooks.

Designer: Nate Ferris

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Varying easy to advanced.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Fork Tongs

Usefulness: High. This is one of the useful kitchen gadgets made possible by 3D printing. Print it, add two forks or spoons and you’re ready for salad or the next bowl of spaghetti.

Designer: Nick Tan

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print A 3D Printed Whisk

Usefulness: High. Try using with bamboo sticks. So minimal, so beautiful!

Designer: Jeff Madden

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Spaghetti Measure

Usefulness: High. A palette-shaped tool for measuring how much spaghetti makes a serving (or two or three or four). A really useful kitchen gadget.

Designer: Justin Myers

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Measuring Spoons

Usefulness: High. A whole set of measuring spoons that can be printed in custom sizes. One of those 3D kitchen tools you get used to very easily.

Designer: Charlie

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Children's Chopsticks

Usefulness: High. For children or anyone that has trouble eating with chopsticks but still wants to try. One of the great kids kitchen tools.

Designer: TheCase

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Little Chopstick Helper

Usefulness: High. After you had some practice with the children’s chopsticks, you can try and stick regular chopsticks into the feet of this little helper. It’s a little rubbery guy helping to learn how to use chopsticks – cute.

Designer: Pikitote

Download: Pinshape.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Angry Birds Egg Cup

Usefulness: You don’t have to see the Angry Birds movie to know this 3D printed egg cup says it all: Don’t mess with my breakfast!

Designer: FORMBYTE

Download: Cults 3D.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Toast Extractor

Too hot - hot damn. (source: Thingiverse)

Usefulness: High. Ever burned your fingers getting a slice of toast out because the slice was too hot to touch? Well, here’s a toast gripper now. Don’t ever use this 3D printed kitchen tool when the toaster‘s still hot, unless you want to end with molten plastic for breakfast.

Designer: Murray Clark

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Empanada Maker

Usefulness: Medium. Only really useful if you make empanadas regularly. Could be fun slamming those Empanadas together – not too hard, of course.

Designer: christian zakzuk

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Dessert Stand

Usefulness: Medium. It’s a beautiful kitchen gadget and makes a nice decoration. The original creator suggests use with strawberries and liquid chocolate which sure will be fun.

Designer: OogiMe

Download: Cults3D.

Printability: Advanced.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Gnocchi Board

Usefulness: High. If you’re making gnocchi, they should look like they’re supposed to, right? A handy 3D kitchen tool.

Designer: Hrvoje Cop

Download: YouMagine.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Egg Cracking Bowl

It's a blast to crack! (source: Thingiverse)

Usefulness: Medium. It’s one of those great 3d printed kids kitchen which will be useful for some time. Also, it will save you some time of cleaning a  gooey mess from the kitchen table.

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Egg Separator

Usefulness: High. This 3D printed kitchen utensil was remodeled after a design from the 1960s and works well. If you usually have trouble separating eggs, this is the right tool for the task.

Designer: Ben

Download: Thingiverse

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Measuring Cups

Usefulness: High. 5 different measuring cups which have their dosage written right in the middle of their contents. You can always use that. Make sure to print them in a dishwasher-safe material.

Designer: OogiMe

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Bottle Crisp Bowl

Usefulness: High, especially if you belong to the male half of the world. Sitting on the sofa, popping a cold one, enjoying some popcorn or crisps, and you just need a third hand to get comfortable, reach the remote, or lay your arm around your partner? This bowl that sits on your beer will come in handy. A 3D printed tool for those nice, cozy TV evenings.

Designer: R turcotte

Download: Thingiverse. Smaller plate available also.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Fridge Memo Frame

Usefulness: High. Print this 3D kitchen utensil, and attach it to your fridge with magnets. Then, simply add a stack of Post-it’s to it. The cart-shaped frame delivers messages of necessary purchases. A great gadget for your kitchen.

Designer: Eunny

Download: Pinshape.

Printability: Easy.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Mason Jar Dispenser

Usefulness: This tool allows you to dose about 1/4 cup of anything in the jar. Hold it upside down and spin the handle to dispense. This is a cool invention, although nothing too fancy.

Designer: Stefan Dodge

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Advanced. Some assembly required.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print 10-way Liquid Dispenser

Usefulness: Time to party – with this, you can fill up to 10 shot glasses at once. Faster, easier drinking is promising great parties!

Designer: Siobhan Williams

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Medium.


Cool Kitchen Gadgets to 3D Print Butter Pig

Usefulness: This cute little pig lives in your fridge and is a cute companion on your table. Easy butter dosage in slices or ready to spread, or for decoration. Make sure you print it in food safe material, though.

Designer: steveweber314

Download: Thingiverse.

Printability: Medium. Assembly required.

Did we forget any great kitchen devices here? Please add them to the discussion!


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