Feb 7, 2018

30 Awesome DIY 3D Printer Projects to Do Yourself

Looking for a new DIY 3D printer project? Here are 30 fantastic DIY 3D printing projects you could do yourself with a 3D printer.

3D printing has not only transformed the way goods are produced on an industrial level, it is also permeating into the workflow of hobby engineers. Discover the most interesting 3D printer projects that wouldn’t be possible without 3D printing!


DIY 3D Printer Projects Design Your Fidget Spinner

What is this 3D printing project? Seeing that fidget spinner are likely the single most 3D printed items, it’s no wonder that many people want to design their own version. This is one of the coolest 3D printer projects because it will teach you all there is to know about the mechanics of fidget spinners and how to create your 3D printable file. We’re looking forward to seeing new variations of soon!

More on this cool DIY project: Instructables.

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DIY 3D Printer Projects Tin Can Dumbbell

What is this 3D printing project? A nifty hack for those who want to supplement their fitness gears. This 3D printing project allows you to turn your old tin cans into dumbbells. Pay special attention to the scale of the 3D files as they have to be printed to snap fit with the tin cans. The files are available in two diameters: 73.25mm and 83.75mm.

More on this project: Tin Can Dumbbell (3D Printed), by Samuel Bernier Project RE


DIY 3D Printer Projects Veggie Toys

What is this 3D printing project? Start playing with your food! Use the imaginative Open Toys to turn your vegetables into submarines, fighter jets or racing cars. The best part about this printing project is, it comes with a tasty recipe for Ratatouille. So, every time you play with the Open Toys, you can also look forward to a delicious meal! One of the best 3D printer projects for families during the weekend.

More on this project: Open Toys, Hack Your Veggies With 3D Printing


DIY 3D Printer Projects Penny Whistle

What is this 3D printing project? This Penny Whistle was designed to facilitate the collaboration of STEM and the Arts faculties. The mouthpiece should 3D print fairly quickly you only need to attach a 6in plastic tube, and you can start playing within the hour! Isn’t this a fantastic 3D printing project to do yourself?

More on this project: 3D Printed Penny Whistle.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Dragonfly

What is this 3D printing project? This nifty flying machine is inspired by the odd aerodynamic properties of dragonflies, which use drag to lift them up. This 3D printing project was designed to allow anyone interested in investigating these properties hands-on. The flaps are powered by twisted rubbers. The 3D printed dragonfly is one of the best 3D printer projects to make your Saturdays more fascinating. It´s made by Jeremy.

More on this project: Dragonfly Science


DIY 3D Printer Projects Tool Handles

What is this 3D printing project? Are you into fine dining? Then customizing your cutlery could be your next 3D printing project. Using 3D printing, you create a reusable silicone casting mold, into which you cast thermosetting plastic handles. To ensure consistent quality the author even prepared a jig. This is one of the coolest 3D printer projects as the results are truly spectacular, but be prepared to get your hands dirty.

More on this project: Creating Tool Handles by 3D Printing and Casting.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Balloon Powered Chassis

What is this 3D printing project? When you were a kid, chances are you got in contact with a balloon powered car. Technological progress permeates every aspect of our lives. So, it is only logical that we got this updated 3D printed version: Here the air does not directly propel the car forward. Instead, it powers a single cylinder motor. The sophisticated mechanism makes the assembly of this 3D printing project to welcome a challenge.

More on this project: Single Cylinder Air Engine Balloon Powered Rolling Chassis.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Leather Stamps

What is this 3D printing project? Stamping leather is an ancient technique that is nowadays mostly forgotten. Thanks to 3D printing, you can help revive it and create stunning patterns for book covers, purses or belts. The Instructable for this 3D printing project will show you how to design a suitable stamp and how to prepare the leather for stamping.

More on this project: 3D Printed Stamps for Leather.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Custom DIY Orthotics

What is this 3D printing project? You spent all your money on a 3D printer and can’t afford orthotics as a result. No worries. The authors of this 3D printing project have come up with an ingenious way can relieve even serious conditions like plantar fasciitis, hallux rigidus, and Morton’s neuroma. The process involves creating a cast from play-dough that is 3D scanned and then 3D printed in ABS. Although this is one of the best 3D printer projects, it is indeed better to consult a doctor before wearing them for long.

More on this project: 3D Printing Health: Custom DIY Orthotics.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Postbox Popsicle

What is this 3D printing project? This idea is so ingenious that we wonder why no one thought of this before. You create a mold using 3D printing, glue it on cardboard and fill it with whatever sweet liquid you prefer. You send it by mail to your friends who can freeze the postcard and enjoy the popsicle. This is one of the best 3D printer projects for the summer!

More on this project: How to Mail a Popsicle.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Chocolate and Ice Molds

What is this 3D printing project? Learn this fool-proof technique and become a master confectioner! To prepare the mold, you need a 3D printer, some food-grade silicone, modeling clay and an idea of the 3D model you want to use. This is the ideal 3D printing project when you need a present for friends or family. Also one of the best 3D printer projects for kids.

More on this project: Ice and Chocolate Molds With 3D Printing.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Pinhole Camera

What is this 3D printing project? The terraPin ACME pinhole camera is the scion of many previous 3D printer projects that attempted to design a camera. And indeed, the photos taken with the terraPin are very impressive! Except for the pinhole, this nifty design uses nothing but 3D printed parts. It is designed for use with medium format 120 films. It´s made by Todd Schlemmer.

More on this project: terraPin ACME 6X6 (6×9, 6X4.5) Pinhole Cameras – 120 film


DIY 3D Printer Projects Topo Maps

What is this 3D printing project? Whether you travel a lot or mostly stay where you live, this 3D printing project showcases an awesome application for 3D printing. With the public scan data can 3D print virtually any landscape worldwide. Why not put Mt Everest on your mantlepiece or use the Grand Canyon as a paperweight? Surely, one of the greatest 3D printer projects in this list!

More on this project: Make 3d Printed Topo Maps of Anywhere


DIY 3D Printer Projects Strandbeest – Beach Beast

What is this 3D printing project? Theo Jansen combines engineering and art in his kinetic sculptures. They are best known for mysteriously roaming the beaches of his native Netherlands – propelled by the power of the wind. Now, thanks to this Instructable you can build your very own DIY Strandbeest.

More on this project: 3D Printed Theo Jansen Strandbeest.


DIY 3D Printer Projects 3D Printed Record

What is this 3D printing project? Convert audio files into 3D-printable records and play them on any record player. It goes without saying, that you cannot expect well-balanced basses and crisp sound. But this 3D printing project gives you the tools to explore the limits and possibilities of 3D printing. The technologies involved are very well described in the Instructable, and you can listen to a selection of test prints. This makes it one of the best 3D printer projects to do yourself.

More on this project: 3D Printed Record.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Centrifuge

What is this 3D printing project? You’re interested in biology, but don’t have access to a big fancy lab? The DIY bio movement is to here to the rescue. Its aim is to put to essential tools into the hands of the general public. This centrifuge does not come with sophisticated timers and controls, but it is good enough to perform such tasks as DNA extraction. To build this 3D printing project, you need to program an Arduino. It´s made by Food Lab Thailand. This indeed makes it to one of the challenging 3D printer projects for bio enthusiasts.

More on this project:  Extract DNA at Home with a 3D Printed Centrifuge.

The files for the 3D printing project can be found on Thingiverse


DIY 3D Printer Projects Repair Broken Glasses

What is this 3D printing project? In the past, when you broke your glasses, you either went Harry Potter and duct-taped them or you bought new ones. Now, in the golden era of desktop 3D printing, this 3D printing project shows you how to mend glasses yourself, although the result may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a new pair of glasses. Is’nt this one of the best 3D printer projects to make?

More on this project: Repair Broken Glasses With 3D Printer – HowTo


DIY 3D Printer Projects Electron Violin

What is this 3D printing project? 3D printed instruments often don’t sound very well as many materials don’t have the right sonic properties. The minds behind the F-F-Fiddle (pronounced eff-eff-fiddle), an electric violin, figured out how to make it work. According to the website, the overall material cost is about $250. If you need advice, you can even join a dedicated F-F-Fiddle Builder’s Group. It´s made by OpenFabPDX.

More on this project: Openfab PDX website; the files are right here on Thingiverse.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Drawing Machine

What is this 3D printing project? With this partially 3D printed drawing machine, modern technology comes full circle. Clamp any pen or pencil and create stunning works and paper of art from raster files. A drawing machine is an ideal tool to use for formal invitations, place cards or any other occasion that usually requires tires your hand by writing on end. It´s made by cyul. This is one of the 3D printer projects that is worth a try!

More on this project: Drawing Machine


DIY 3D Printer Projects Solar System Orrery

What is this 3D printing project? Apart from the sheer beauty, this stunning contraption gives a precise impression of the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons of the solar system. In addition to 3D printing, this DIY project involves working brass tubes and miniature bearings. The author warns that you will need a precisely tuned 3D printer and a sound understanding about using it.

More about this project: Solar System Orrery (3D Printed)files here.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Electric Coffee Maker

What is this 3D printing project? Without coffee, we at All3DP couldn’t do anything meaningful. That’s why we were instantly excited when we learned about this 3D printing project. The design itself is a work of art! But be warned, not everything is 3D printed. The base of this coffee maker requires aluminum casting. It´s made by Siemen.

More on this project: Electric Coffee Maker


DIY 3D Printer Projects Split Flap Display

What is this 3D printing project? Split-flap displays are a thing of the past, as they have been replaced in most airports and train stations by trite LCD displays. If you were ever intrigued by the mechanism of split-flap displays (we certainly were!), you have the chance to build your own from scratch using 3D printing and laser cutting. The assembly and programming of the split flap display should keep you busy for a couple of weekends.

More on this project: Split Flap Display


DIY 3D Printer Projects Camera Slider

What is this 3D printing project? Every cameraman knows how expensive good equipment is. So, why not make your own? This 3D printing project for a motorized camera slider is a great example of how 3D printing can put consumers in charge of producing items they need and can afford. We look forward to more great 3D printer projects like this one.

More on this project: 3D Printed Camera Slider – Motorized


DIY 3D Printer Projects PiKon Telescope

What is this 3D printing project? The PiKon Telescope is a 3D printed telescope. The original design goes back to none other than Isaac Newton (that’s why it is often called a Newtonian telescope). This 21st-century incarnation is powered by a Raspberry Pi so you can gaze at the stars on screen. While components are not super expensive, makers from around the globe reported they had to adapt the design to the materials available to them locally.

More on this project: PiKon Telescope.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Snake Robot

What is this 3D printing project? You have to see it, to believe how endearing this snake robot is. If you want to make your own, prepare for some serious tinkering. Not only will you need to install 8 servos, but to board a standalone Arduino microcontroller on a breadboard.

Watch the video for this 3D printing project on assembling the segments on 3D Printed Snake Robot.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Hovercraft

What is this 3D printing project? A German engineering student has come up with this cool remote-controlled hovercraft. The DIY project is his first step to establishing hovercraft as cheap mobile research stations for the arctic. This is one of the coolest 3D printer projects as most parts are 3D printed, but the base is cut from styrofoam. The hovercraft is powered by three motors.

More on this project: 3D Print Your Own R/C Hovercraft.


DIY 3D Printer Projects Quadcopter

What is this 3D printing project? This light-weight FPV quadcopter was designed to be crash resistant and offer good protection for onboard gear. While this is certainly not a cheap 3D printing project, as many as 24 remixes for this design can be found on Thingiverse to accommodate most budgets. The Thingiverse model is made by Ed Tumbusch.

More on this project: Micro 105 FPV Quadcopter – 3D Printed


DIY 3D Printer Projects Robot Arm

What is this 3D printing project? This 5-axis robot arm was designed from scratch by professional engineers, and its source files are published under a Creative Commons license. In addition to the 3D printed components, you will need stepper motors and an Arduino. The arm uses Zortrax steppers specifically developed for robots. It´s made by BCN3D.

More on this project: BCN3D MOVEO – A fully OpenSource 3D printed Robot Arm


DIY 3D Printer Projects Electric Unicycle

What is this 3D printing project? This 3D printing project is a prime example how discontent can inspire people to completely redesign a product available on the market. The unicycle is designed for the 500W Unicycle motor from Microworks, giving you a top speed of 20mph (30km/h) and a range of about 25 miles (40km). While building the unicycle does not require the skills of a rocket scientist, it set will you back $375 to $800, depending on which parts you choose.

More on this project: 3D Print a High-Power Electric Unicycle


DIY 3D Printer Projects Lost PLA Metal Casting

What is this 3D printing project? It’s up to you if you want to try this 3D printing project at home. It is a variation of lost wax casting, but instead of a wax mold, you use a 3D printed model. You create a plaster cast and burn out the PLA. Finally, you pour metal into the cast. The author warns against using ABS, as the fumes are poisonous. No doubt, a technique that complements the possibilities of 3D printing, but obviously you should only attempt it if you feel comfortable handling molten metal.

More on this project: Make Metal Parts With a 3D Printer (lost Polymer Casting Tutorial)

Did we miss an awesome 3D printing project? Please feel free to add it to the comments.

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