by Claire Sembera / Oct 10, 2017

3D Printed Chess Set – 27 Unique Sets and Pieces to Mix & Match

Create your perfect 3D printed chess set and pieces by mix-matching 20 different sets and 5 different boards and funk up your chess game.

Chess is one of the oldest games, traceable back to at least 6 AD. It is the most widespread game – making it the largest community in the world. It’s a game that reaches all corners of the world.

Therefore, it only makes sense that it would be integrated into the newest technology that’s sweeping the globe. Designers have taken the endless potential of a 3D printer and ran with it to come up with a slew of fun versions of this classic game. We have characters and shapes for pieces, and a few fun board designs, as well. Even mix and match to create your perfect 3D printed chess set.

3D Printed Chess Pieces


3D Printed Chess Set Classic Orthodox Chess Set

For starters, here are some classic chess pieces you can 3D print. This is a tried and true design you can find on classic boards. This is great too if you’ve lost a piece from one of those boards and you just need to print that replacement.

Designer: Tim Edwards

The files are on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Spiral Chess Set

To ease you into the world of funky chess pieces, this 3D printed chess set is just a fun twist on the original pieces. Give some dimension while maintaining the basic shape of the original pieces so you don’t have to try and remember which character is representing which piece.

Designer: Joey Muirhead

Get it all on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Minecraft Chess Set

The pixelated world of Minecraft can now come to life on your coffee table. This 3D printed chess set follows the theme of Overworld Mobs. Minecraft is actually quite fitting for chess since the moves of chess are a bit pixelated themselves.

Designer: FuelCell250

Find it all on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Low Poly Chess Set

Low-poly is a big thing in the 3D printing world. You can find almost anything with a low-poly design, including this 3D printed chess set we have for you here. It’s a variation of the classic orthodox version that’ll print quite easily.

Designer: Matthew Kerekanich

Find it on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Pokémon Chess Set

Pokémon rears its head again, this time in the form of an honored classic as a 3D printed chess set. But the main goal does still apply, you gotta catch ’em all!  Represented are Mew, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and, of course, the Pokéball.

Designer: Roshan Patel

Catch all the files on Thingiverse.

For a set with a more expansive set of Pokémon, check out this alternative design.


3D Printed Chess Set Bauhaus Chess Set

These 3D printed chess pieces are modeled after the Bauhaus design released in 1924 by Joseph Hartwig. The pieces’ shapes indicate the direction in which they are able to move, making it the perfect set for those just learning to play. The pieces tell you how you’re allowed to move that piece. Pretty dandy, eh?

Designer: TeamTeamUSA

Get started on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Wizard's Chess Set

One of the most significant chess board variations out there today is the one from Harry Potter’s Wizard’s Chess. Although in the movie the pieces come alive and smash each other to smithereens (which some consider totally barbaric), the design of the pieces are still clever and prompt an enchanting match, despite having to move them yourself.

Designer: NINJABOB3211

The magic is stored on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Lord of the Rings Chess Set

One 3D printed chess set to rule them all. Each side is modeled off the different sides within the Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The light led by Aragon on one side, the dark led by Sauron on the other. Print them in black and white to reinforce this effect.

Designer: Nathan Squire

The enchantment begins on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Chessbot Hero

This might be the coolest 3D printed chess set out there. All the pieces fit together to create a ChessBot. It’s a transformer chess set. So cool! Now there’s a secondary perk to collecting your opponent’s pieces: you get to build a robot.

Designer: Joseph Larson

The transformation begins on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Lewis Chessmen

This is a model of the Lewis chess set relics found in the Western Isles. Scientists believe the originals date back to 1150-1200 AD, proof that chess has been a treasured mind game for centuries. The original pieces were made form whales’ teeth and walrus ivory, and are split between and on display at the National Museum of Scotland and the British Museum. However, now you can have your own 3D printed chess set replicate to play with at home.

Designer: Scan The World

Find the files on MyMiniFactory.


3D Printed Chess Set Animal Chess Set

For the animal lovers, an animal based 3D printed chess set. The king of the forest is now the king of the board. These sleek figures with rather regal posture are sure to add a little extra roar to your game. You could even add a fun twist of making the animal’s noise whenever you move that respective piece.

Designer: David Mussaffi

This circus is housed on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Musical Chess Set

Some people equate playing chess to constructing an orchestra. You must constantly be looking forward to where the play is going, and you can’t ignore a single player. Now you can embody this comparison with this musically designed 3D printed chess set.

Designer: Travis Winger

Get the files on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Wobbly Chess Set

This 3D printed chess set is designed with a curved bottom to add an extra wobble. There are two ways to look at this set: (1) the 3d printed chess pieces won’t tip over or (2) the pieces will never stop moving. Either way, it’s a fun variation. It comes with a wobble-enabling/stabilizing board where each square is curved like a bowl.

Designer: Mike Bristol

Get it all on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Minion Chess Set

Who doesn’t love the Minions? The fact that they’re adorably cute with their overalls and goggles makes you completely forget they’re villainous henchman. Now they will answer to you and your demands with this 3D printed chess set. Embrace your villainous self and order these minions into battle. Bananaaaa!

Designer: Steven Haines

The reign starts on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Planter Chess Set

For our horticulturists: each piece hosts a different plant. This is perfect for a round out in the garden, or even to bring the garden to you. There are so many options: plant aromatic ones for a pleasant fragrance, or cacti to make you really careful about your movements – not a bad thing in chess.

Be careful to not let the grow to wildly though… I could see vines causing a bit of a hindrance if proper care isn’t taken.

Designer: XYZ Workshop

Print the pieces and get your hands dirty, it all starts on MyMiniFactory.


3D Printed Chess Set Gnome Chess Set

To compliment our garden version, we have the guardians of the garden: Gnomes. Gnomes are know to reign over the garden, will they be able to maintain this reign on the board with this 3D printed chess set? Be careful of some gnomes mysteriously disappearing…

Designer: Terence King

It’s all housed on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Skyscraper Chess Set

Skyscrapers are ubiquitous in our world today, almost every major city is now becoming know for its skyline. This 3D printed chess set lets you play with the most famous towers across the US: Willis Tower, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Columbia Center, Hearst Tower and KOIN Center.

Designer: Levi

Get building on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Dr. Who Chess Set

A compilation of anything nerdy would not be complete without a Dr. Who version. Appropriately, we have a Dr. Who themed 3D printed chess set for you right here. The best part? You can also 3D print a bigger TARDIS to store all your pieces!

Find the large TARDIS pictured in the middle here.

Designer: Mark Durbin

The rest of the illusion is stored on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Robots Versus Wizards Chess Set

Would you prefer a world with robots or a world with wizards? These two options seem to dominate the sci-fi sector of media and offer two different perspectives. Today we’re edging awfully close to living in a world of robots; it seems not long now that they’ll overtake everything… but nonetheless you can choose your preferred world on this 3D printed chess set and battle it out.

Designer: Arian Croft

The battle begins on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Cyvasse

As a bonus, we have Cyvasse from Game of Thrones. While it’s not quite chess, but rather a combination of Chess, Stratego, and Blitzkrieg, we still think it deserves a mention. This chess-like game does not have a standard set of rules, instead George R. R. Martin persuades fans to develop their own rules. However, if you’re not into making up your own rules, the designer of this set includes a PDF of the rules he developed.

Designer: Arian Croft

Find it all on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Mini-Mate Travel Chess Set

Looking for a travel chess set that fits in your palm? Look no further. Everything you see here is 3D printed: The chess board, the chess pieces, even the storage box. It‘s going to take a while for the whole 3D printed chess set to be finished, but you’ll love it.

Designer: Aaron Brown.

Download it on MyMiniFactory.


3D Printed Chess Set Classic Chess Set

3D printer manufacturer offers some nice designs to showcase their “mod-t” 3D printer. One of the designs is a classic chess set. It can be easily printed. Put the 3D printed chess board and the pieces in a bag and you have a nice travel chess set.

Designer: New Matter.

Download it on MyMiniFactory.

3D Printed Chess Boards


3D Printed Chess Set Extensible Chess Board

This board prints in 4×4 sections that can easily slide together to extend to a full size chess board, or any size you like really. A nice balance between smaller board pieces for easier storage/travel, and not having to snap every single piece together to make a sensibly portable 3D printed chess set.

Designer: Emmett Lalish

Available on Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set Buildable Chess Board

This is a roadtrip’s best friend. Each tile breaks apart to make the board completely collapsible. And there’s even the box it all gets stored in! This is a handy little 3D printed chess set if I ever saw one.

Designer: 1sPiRe

Check out Thingiverse for the board and the box.


3D Printed Chess Set 3D-Chess Board

This is for those who really like a challenge: a 3D-3D printed chess set. Add an extra dimension – literally – to the game with this 5-tier board. This 3D-Chess set is inspired by Star Trek, which is a fitting theme for this out-of-this-world version of chess.

Designer: Alan One

Reach for the stars by going to Thingiverse.


3D Printed Chess Set 3-Person Chess Board

Who says chess is a two person game? Now you can include the awkward middle child with this 3-person 3D printed chess set. Although beware, the moves are a bit trickier.  Read up on the different rules here.

Designer: mattheus

Find it all on Thingiverse.

* note that here are the pieces to assist in building the board, with a couple options included on how to get the rest of the material.


3D Printed Chess Set Puzzle Board

This is a fun board that can be collapsed as needed, but then also gives a fun twist to the game. It can break into 4×4 squares, individual squares, however you like.

Designer: Paul Breeden

Files for the pieces and board are all on  Thingiverse. To get just the board printed, click below.


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