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2020 Best Large-Format 3D Printers

Jan 3, 2020

Looking for a large 3D printer for home or business? Check out our buyer's guide to find the best large-format 3D printer for your needs.

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There is a growing market for large-format 3D printers aimed at consumers and small businesses.

That’s because a large-format 3D printer is ideal for exploring product development stages with rapid prototyping without having to invest in a full-scale industrial additive manufacturing solution. Whether you’re a maker looking to take on big projects or a small business looking for a sizable professional 3D printer, there’s a large-format 3D printer out there that will suit your production needs.

If you just want to get a few large parts professionally 3D printed we recommend Craftcloud, the 3D printing and price comparison service from All3DP.

Our Large 3D Printer Picks in Winter 2019/2020
Top Pick
Raise3D Pro2 Plus

The Raise3D Pro2 Plus is our winter 2019 pick for the "Best Large Format 3D Printer". It includes dual-extrusion, a massive 305x305x605mm build volume, and wireless connectivity. Learn more

Best Value
Modix Big 60

The Modix Big 60 is a large-format 3D printer with a 610 x 610 x 610mm build volume, automatic bed-leveling, a heated bed with dual zone silicon heater and PEI print surface and a filament sensor.

Budget Pick
Creality CR-10S

The Creality CR-10S is our summer 2019 pick for the "Best 3D Printer Under $500". The updated version of the popular CR-10 brings a lot of mechanical and electrical improvements for accuracy and quieter printing. Learn more

In the following list, we’ll share the best of both worlds with you, showcasing everything from consumer 3D printers under $1,000 to professional-grade machines up to $50,000. If you are not sure about buying a large format 3D printer, then we recommend you skip ahead to Factors to Consider Before Buying a Large Format 3D Printer for your Business.

Choose your budget

Otherwise, you can scroll on to our comparison table of the best large 3D printers. They are sorted by price.

3D PrinterBuild Volume (mm)Extruder HeadsMin. Layer HeightPrinting SpeedMarket Price (USD)Check Price
(Commissions Earned)
Alfawise U20300 x 300 x 4001100 μm150 mm/s$290
Tronxy X5SA330x330x400140 μm 20 -100 mm/s$360
JGAurora A5S305x305x3201100 μm150 mm/s$359
Tevo Tornado300 x 300 x 400150150mm/s$379
Creality CR-10S300x300x4001100 μm200 mm/s$499
Folger Tech FT-5 R2300x300x400150 μm180 mm/s$499
Anycubic Predatorø370mmx455mm150 μm150 mm/s$532
Creality CR-10 S4400x400x400150 μm200 mm/s$759
Tronxy X5ST-500500x500x60010.1 - 0.4 mm2 - 100 mm/s$800
Creality CR-10 S5500x500x5001100 μm200 mm/s$900
Monoprice Delta Proø270 x 300150 μm150 mm/s$1,299
Craftbot XL300x200x440150 μm200 mm/s$1,899
XYZprinting da Vinci Super300x300x300120 μm180 mm/s$2,100
gCreate gMax 2457.2 x 457.2 x 609.6140 μmN/A$3,995
MAKEiT PRO-L305 x 254 x 330250 μm60 mm/s$3,199
Modix Big 60610x610x610140 μm150 mm/s$3,500
Zortrax M300 Plus300 x 300 x 300190 μm100 mm/s$3,590
BCN3D Sigmax R19420x297x210250 μmN/A$4,399
Fusion3 F410355x355x315120 μm250 mm/s$4,599
Ultimaker S5330x240x300220 μm> 24 mm³/s$5,995
Raise3D Pro2 Plus305x305x605210 μm150 mm/s$5,999
Airwolf EVO 22305x305x578240 μm150 mm/s$11,995
BigRep Studio500x1000x500 1, 2 (optional)100 μm140 mm/s~$50,000
BigRep PRO1005x1005x10052100 μmUp to 10 ㎨
No matching records found.

Best Large 3D Printers Under $1,000


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Best Large 3D Printers Between $1,000 and $50,000


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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Large Format 3D Printer for your Business

Do you need a large format 3D printer?

First, you should determine whether you need a large format 3D printer for your small business at all. Using a 3D printer is not as straightforward as working with a 2D printer. When you set up a print, you need to deal with leveling build plates and other factors most consumers never considered before. In some cases, an online 3D printing service might be better.

What kind of 3D prints are you likely to create on average?

Assess your needs with the following criteria:

  1. Do you need visual models that merely look like the real thing to display them in marketing campaigns?
  2. Do you want to print off rapid prototypes that have to perform like the finished product in functional testing?
  3. Do you need to use your prints as tools in injection molding to produce a small series of your product?

The answers to these questions determine what kind of large format 3D printer you should buy.

Do you have a time constraint?

If time is of the essence, there are other factors to consider. FDM is known to be a relatively slow process. The printing speed increases when you set out to print off human-scale objects like furniture. There are ways to tweak the length of time it takes to finish a printing job, like increasing the layer-height or decreasing the infill. However, these modifications will have immediate effects on the quality of the finished part.

What size are your 3D prints?

The 3D printing technologies FDM and SLA use only the material needed for the actual print (PLUS supports). Other technologies, like SLS, use the entire print bed of powder regardless of the size of printed goods. For this reason, 3D printing services automatically arrange the content of build tray to save the precious powder that cannot be reused without some effort.

With which material do you want to print?

In this article, we cover large format FDM 3D printers. Mostly they are used to 3D print thermoplastics like ABS or PLA, and this includes exotic filaments (wood and metal). Some large format 3D printers like the Delta Wasp 3MT can also print materials that are suitable for extrusion like ceramics.

Advantages of 3D printing services

Enlisting the help of an online 3D printing service has the additional advantage that your 3D files are processed by trained professionals who can print them off to perfection. Training your staff to operate a new, large format 3D printer will cost time and money; you might end up producing scrap before the prints are good enough for your small business.


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